What’s your favorite number and why?

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What’s your favorite number and why?

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  1. My favorite number is 13. Why? Everyone thinks the number is bad luck. In my opinion it can’t be bad luck or I would not have been born on the 13th. I know it was good luck for my Mom and Dad and I have never had anything bad happen on the 13th.

    Maybe it’s just because I am not superstitious but I feel that the 13th is my lucky number. Most people like seven, but I like 13. Everyone is afraid of Friday the 13th but I don’t get it. Its just another Friday and just another number.


  2. 7
    one can always think in 7s, for some reason.
    it’s elegant, I like the sound of it and it’s not to greedy.
    I used to get 7 out of 9 for deportment, and that was ok.


  3. I’m with Jenny on no. 7 – that’s my favourite number of all time. Even whilst in primary school I didn’t mind that I came 7th in class exams. It looks cool, sounds cool. There’s a movie called SE7EN with Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, etc. I could go on forever! But I better go the whole ‘7 yards’ in my blog 😀


  4. mine is 333
    I don’t know why, but 3:33am is the time the alarm clock is displaying when I look at it, every single night, like clockwork…I should be asleep at 3:33am, but noooOOOooo….

    …since it’s close to the Witching Hour, maybe I’m only half-evil???


  5. 8 has always been my fav number~ everything good always has something with the number 8 in it!


  6. 120 is my favorite number very unusual but true it has somekind of power to me since i was little