Write a haiku about something that drives you nuts.

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Write a haiku about something that drives you nuts.

Remember: 5, 7, 5.

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  1. Olá a todos, haicai significa um poema japonês, como não sei nenhum poema japonês, escrevi hoje o que está me incomodando e muito no meu blog, convido a todos a lerem o que escrevi lá.
    Saúde Receitas e Curiosidades.
    Abraços a todos!


  2. Looking in very expensive art galleries in Mayfair and seeing utter tosh in the windows for sale (my granchildren can do far more artistic, interesting things, so can I) with price tags in the thousands.

    We are being conned. That rubbish takes minutes to produce and I can’t see why the Art World falls for it! It really does drive me nuts. I have a life long dream to put on an art exhibition with half the stuff painted (on huge canvasses) by 7 year olds, with HUGE price tags on them – and muddle them up with these ones – and challenge the art world to be able to tell the difference. Might shove in a few of my strange efforts too and hope for the best. You never know. Weird people think weird are wonderful!


  3. Yes April is coming soon,
    The taxman rubs his hands with glee
    Bank account sobs with despair

    (taxman is supposedly 2 words
    but for my attempt at writing haiku
    I’ll close an eye haha!)


  4. Blatant corruption and widespread media ignorance when it affects the government – who still regardless of people thinking we live in a free world with freedom of speech are spoon fed whatever agenda suits their needs.

    Having been fighting for three years to expose a sector of corruption which has been covered up, censored, blatantly ignored and suppressed by the Greek media and the larger European health sector, one which falsely claims to be involved in people’s rights and the safety, security and confidentiality of the patients has manipulated them and the general cause that they shamefully represent.

    This ignorance sadly falls on the larger international community which has also opted to ignore their duties and allowed such malpractice to be implemented at government level in so many areas that affect us all.

    Corruption is one thing, allowing the safety and health of vulnerable people to be abused is quite another.

    The harsh reality of organisations which shelter in ignorance and allow such systematic abuse to take place is highlighted here and I think most people would be driven nuts by it when it is enforced at government level :



  5. Oh God… How could I write something I don’t now…
    I have never heard “haiku” before…
    Thanks to Erica to introduce me this all brand new Japanese thing
    *currently reading about haiku in wikipedia :mrgreen:


  6. Hmmm…after a look at Wikipedia, perhaps my haiku is a bit “unseasoned”, but here’s my go at it 🙂 :
    Nuts is not the word
    See a world awash in pain
    Horror is the word


  7. It’s the weather that’s driving me nuts. It’s mid March and it’s snowing. I dropped my iphone in the snow and thought it was gone for good. Got it, though. Phew.


  8. ~oh i’ve never written a haiku before…esp. in english O.O
    …ummmmm oh here i go…
    just written a haiku
    good or bad
    haiku is a haiku
    ;D lol, i have noooo idea…;P feel free to critique it ;P


  9. I had to bring in an expert for this one. First grader Miyake Nobuhiro wrote “Haiku” below. It’s one of the poems in “Festival in My Heart: Poems by Japanese Children”.

    My mother
    did the laundry
    and I read a book.
    I remembered two parts –
    Ah, what silence is!
    Early summer rain.
    I was watching the weather
    and suddenly
    a haiku came:
    “Again there is rain
    falling, and we’re in trouble –
    the laundry is out!”
    – Miyake Nobuhiro, first grade

    Wonderful, isn’t it?


  10. Erika Johnson, great topic. I blogged about this today. The reason, I think its a great topic, because it help people vent their frustration and anger in fun, creative and hopefully a destruction-free manner :). I love haikus! =) So much easier than writing a poem, especially one that rhymes 😉