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If you could work from anywhere, where would you want to live?


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  1. I chose to work from Home, originally the UK but now in Athens Greece.

    I’m a 3D multimedia specialist and there aren’t enough hours in the day when you work as I do. Sometimes the long hours mean that if I actually did go to work – I might not be able to get home again.

    Projects often overrun, people change their minds, computers crash and software rarely does what it says on the tin so sometimes the best option is to work in a comfort zone that obliges the needs of your environment and your skills, not always possible but good if you can.

    It’s not as easy or as beneficial as people often think as time management becomes a curse and self discipline is key. More often than not you end up with no social life, living an existence of half watched TV, cold meals and in my case a human perch for my cats who assault me daily as I try and plough through the many projects that await me daily.

    They care little for getting in the way, tripping me up at every opportunity, harassing me for food continually and worrying about whether or not having one sat on my head, one on my shoulders and the other attacking my leg helps with my work flow.

    Greece is a great place and fortunately for me with the strikes and economy being the way it is, not having to rely on leaving the house has helped due to the lack of public transport working due to the never ending strikes.

    Other than that, life’s just as fckdup as I need it to be…

    The other major advantage about Greece is that for me I can usually spend 9-10 months of the year working in my garden on the Laptop, having come from the UK, discovering the presence of a sun in the sky has proven to be an added bonus!


  2. One of the best places I have ever been was the Maldives so I would like to work from there, but it would not be practical and also I think I would get frustrated confined to a very small island , as beautiful as it is.

    So I think I would chose Barbados, because there is an airport easily available which means that I would not be stranded but it is also a beautiful place to be especially if I could live in one of the 5* hotels. and be waited on hand and foot. Purr-fect


  3. The Sea of Tranquility – I, know, I know,not much atmosphere
    but boy what a view, and no rush hour traffic to stress over. Idylic.


  4. Eu adoraria viver e poder morar nos Estados Unidos.Gosto dos Americanos, admiro o patriotismo desse povo. Tenho certeza que o povo americano vive melhor do que o povo brasileiro. Lá não existe a impunidade. As leis são cumpridas.
    Abraços Mina!


  5. What a great topic! Luckily I can say, I can and do work from anywhere. Currently in Guatemala working in online marketing, this question is the central part of my life. Having tried NZ and South East Asia, I prefer Europe. So much variety in such proximity is just phenomenal. Just a couple of hours and you can enjoy a totally different view on life, whether you like beaches or mountains, neither is ever far away. And in Europe, I love Berlin, it just has it all!


  6. Melbourne, Australia in my home office! It’s peculiar funny in a sort of a twisted around way, but I just did a post on an imaginary perfect day…talking mostly about work! 😉


  7. I’m with nrhatch, lovin’ it right here in C entral Florida.

    Have a home office where I post on my blog, Twitter, website aaaand … write my novels.


  8. ~my home town is my love, but i love to travel so i’d prefer Japan & Paris +beach would be beautiful ;D


  9. If I could work anywhere it would be in the living room of our RV, which might be in Florida or on a beach in Texas when it’s cold up north or in the northwest in the spring. That gives me lots of options.


  10. Is there anyway to track how people took on this challenge and read the responses? It would be nice to read the variety that stems from this one diving board.


  11. I’d write from the back of my horse. Might be a little hard to balance the laptop on the saddle horn, but could resort to writing on a small notebook w/ pen and a view of the great outdoors


  12. Barbados. The beaches are ridiculously beautiful, the warmth is lovely and the food is delish.


  13. talvez, em frente do computador , qualquer lugar que predomine o silêncio e a paz, é primordial para concentração , na escrita e estudar temas recentes sobre técnologias , ou outro tema de bem com a natureza , são bem vindos.

    quanto ao globo ou cidade, em ambientes de muito verde, arvores ao redor
    montanhas entre cachoeiras, que eu possa sentir o teor de um oxigênio mais
    atraente , e diferente dos centros urbanos, eu sinto um ar pesado, todos nós sentimos.

    na zona rural isto muda para melhor em relação ao ar que respiramos, alimentos, legumes, frutas, são mais saudáveis a nossa saúde , meditamos
    bem os conceitos técnicos, ciências e escrita.

    temos que conciliar bem, e dividir as temporadas relacionadas a lugares
    como “zona urbana” e “zona rural”, um local é muito bom para nossos estudos e meditação o outro para escritórios de trabalhos , negócios , e
    grandes empresas .

    Envelhecemos muito rápido portanto chega um tempo que devemos procurar algum lugar adequado para nossa sobrevivência …um lugar decente compatível com nossa idade .

    é tudo que almejamos ter ” PAZ” , que todos fiquem com ela… boa sorte !


  14. I already work in my ideal location. As a wire jewelry artist, I can have my
    studio right here at home! However; if I could move the house…I would want to be on a lovely little island, somewhere warm.