Name a book that changed your life.

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Name a book that changed your life.

What influence did it have on your thoughts, attitudes, and actions?

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  1. There have been dozens. Most recent was:

    The Winter of our Disconnect. How to survive without ‘screens, technology and the internet!

    Mostly I read about ‘escaped’ trapped women. It stops me complaining about anything. I have even befriended, and helped, one of the escapees. She’s an amazing person and wants to become the next prime minister of the country she was kidnapped from.


  2. I’m not sure I could say it changed my life, but… ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ – bloomin’ lummy that’s a good book! It reminded me how much joy there is in the really classic stories, and that book alone was the catalyst that got me reading regularly again after a bit of a hiatus. Harper Lee – I thank you.


  3. The Great Smile Robbery by Roger McGough. I read it when I was about 10 and was amazed by the characters and the amazing idea that someone could steal your smile. 😀


  4. There can only be one book that has changed my life The Bible… Not the St James version but one written in normal everyday language. It was a fantastic book with a great story and it changed my life completely.

    Try Reading it! and see for yourself


  5. “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Beautiful story about human relationships. Especially the part where Atticus tells his kids to imagine living in someone else’s shoes before judging them.


    1. Would you write a little about the book ” The wisdom of anxiety” by Alan Watts, Jean.
      Would love to read a review on it first.
      Thanks in Advance


  6. The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck
    It’s been so long, but…. I remember the jammed emergency brake cable part. Becoming aware that my helplessness habit when confronted with a problem didn’t let me relax and really “look” for the solution. I went to work that night and when the toilet didn’t flush, (there was no one there to fix it), I looked at the problem logically and figured out how to fix it. It was such a small thing but huge for me.


    1. I agree, in the respect that the series changed my life as I became so engrossed in the stories that I put off many important homework assignments and even going to class just so I could lay in bed and read! 🙂


  7. How bout one line from a story? I was always… unsettled by the line from Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground: “… an intelligent man cannot become anything seriously, and it is only the fool who becomes anything… an active man is pre-eminently a limited creature.”

    I think of myself as a thoughtful, nerdy guy. It was haunting to read and I’ll admit I was a little defensive. But what I took from the line is that perfect can be the enemy of the good and sometimes you just have to make a decision.

    So thanks underground man, I’m more assertive nowadays because of you!


  8. Honestly? I don’t think any book has changed my life and I’ve read all the books listed above save two. All books influence my thoughts, attitudes, and actions. If there were a book that made me want to write I’d say The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and then later The Stand by Stephen King.


  9. eu já tive a oportunidade de ler , muitos livros pelos quais aprendi muito, tanto no desemvolvimento da leitura quanto para o aprofundamento do raciocinio lógico, na maioria livros ciêntificos, relacionados a ciência, outros de psicólogia, e meio ambiênte… todos foram e são de extrema relevância …