When is it better to be sorry than safe?

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When is it better to be sorry than safe?


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  1. Sorry than Safe?
    When it comes to friendships, there you can always apologize after the facts, and a good friend will accept it for Face Value, and not hold any grudges.
    Then Safety does not enter the picture, since the word Safety can be a dangerous word!


  2. Gosh, that’s a tricky one. It sounds like a Table Topic – one to stump the cream of the world at it!

    Asking someone their name when you jolly well ought to remember it and knowing they will be mortified in front of people if you ask them and admit you don’t know it!

    Better to bluff you way round it, mumble or stumble and very unsafe indeed, and yes, sorry too!


  3. Olá a todos, eu me arrependo se fizer algo errado, como falar algo que possa ofender alguem, as minhas filhas se queixam que eu falo tudo o que penso, e de vez em quando se ofendem. Só que elas também me falam coisas que não gosto. Dai já viu, como a bola rola. Quanto o que costumo fazer ou agir, não costumo me arrepender.
    Abraços a todos Mina!


  4. Maybe when you are feeling inhibited and holding back sharing – it is better to take a chance – get involved and ultimately you will grow from the experience.


  5. Hit my 100th post. *confetti* I’m going with love for my answer tonight. It’s safer not to go out on a limb for love, but man is it worth it if it happens. Love is never something you should feel sorry about.


  6. Being safe is the best thing we can do all the time! But sometimes, you just need to be brave to take any risk! “Sorry” is just about how you can accept it or not…


  7. It is better to try something, even if you end up being sorry, than to stay safe and never try anything . This is true in admitting a vulnerability, or opening up to a fellow human or asking for something or even in writing something. If your writing takes risks, you may be sorry, but if it never risks anything – the safety you gain won’t be worth what you have lost.