You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?

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You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?

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  1. My magic tree grows Memory Nuggets.

    You can pick a nugget when you’re missing someone or need a reminder of how blessed you are. The memory nugget can be words of wisdom from someone you admire, a whisper from a friend or a whiff of perfume from someone you miss.

    The tree goes both ways because you can share words that you wish you had said, ask questions that were never asked and look into lives from long ago.

    That’s what grows on my magic tree!


  2. The tree grows what each person who approaches it needs the most. Not what they want the most, but what they need the most. For one person, it might be the ability to understand another person. For another, food. Stepping into its shade would automatically remove the urge to steal it or cut it down, just to keep the magic going for a generation or so.


  3. There is an old saying ” money doesn’t grow on trees” but I would like to disprove that idea by having a tree that does grow money.
    Now I don’t want to be greedy, for although money does not buy you happiness I would like just a little bit more than I have at present. Trying to survive on a basic UK pension is not much fun. So, Yes a little money tree would be most appreciated


  4. Clean sheets.

    and i’m going to put mine in the wash now!
    I think this comes from school – when we only had ONE clean sheet every 2 weeks. Just how mean was that!


  5. Olá a todos, a minha arvore mágica seria aquela que dá os melhores frutos.
    Ou seja a realização de todos os meus sonhos, que infelizmente não posso realizar, por mais esforços que faça.
    Como se diz você faz planos e vive de sonhos, e ¨Deus ¨desfaz tudo.
    Abraços a todos!


  6. It grows twisty branches and corkscew leaves or huge pink fragrant tulip flowers or mulberries that the birds come from miles around to eat. and in the fall it grows rainbows of bright color. I love trees and I think every one of them is a magic tree.


  7. Why do you only suggest topics from plinky? I’m a user there so if I wanted to answer any of their prompts I would done it on their site and automatically published it to my blog…


  8. Two boys were building a tree house. When the floor and a part of the wall were almost in place, one of them hammered in a nail. “For guests to hang up their clothes,” he explained.

    I think that’s a wonderful example of how magic a tree truly can be. Or what about a hammock between two trees, and a good book?

    A magic tree might come in handy, but there’s a lot of fuss with it. That’s the conclusion in my post.

    My tree would be an inspiration tree in the middle of the village. Here people could pick an inspirational note from the tree and tell stories. (Sounds like some daily writing prompts we’ve heard about, doesn’t it?) Storytelling around a campfire is an underestimated art form.

    Also included in my post, links to two global writing events in March: World Storytelling Day (March 20, the theme is WATER – story or photo) and World Poetry Day (March 21).


  9. My magic tree would grow trees! When they are ripe you pluck the sapplings and plant them in the ground so they can produce their own trees! It would work wonders in places left barren from forest fires, and even help re-populate the swathes of country ravaged by loggers.


  10. I don’t get this at all, magic trees? So I’ve written about something that really gets me cross, train fares. Plead read it and add appropriate comments.


  11. In grows seeds that make more magic trees. After all, if you have an apple tree it only produces seeds to make more apple trees. The same rule would apply to a magic tree. LOL.