What’s your hidden talent?

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What’s your hidden talent?

What is the skill or ability you have people are always surprised to learn you posses? What hidden talent do you wish you had?

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  1. I’m very tall for my height. Wish I really was tall.
    PS – quite silly comments, but I’m having a bad day at work and need a temporary distraction.

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  2. I can touch my nose with my tongue – I would write a post about it, but I dont really have much to say about that one! Ha ha.

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  3. Olá a todos, eu não tenho a menor idéia, qual seria o meu talento escondido.
    Pela minha experiência de vida sei fazer muitas coisas, mas não sei não.
    Não posso responder esse tópico.
    Abraços Mina!

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  4. This is one that I have to think about as my immediate answer is few things about me are hidden. At least, that is how I see myself. But I am thrilled for Postaday ideas.

    When I joined this challenge, I thought okay since I write multiple posts, if I miss a few days that’s okay. I missed twelve days in January. Then I decided to challenge myself in February and write everyday no matter what. I thought of creating a cheat system. If I sensed a loss of words rising within, instead of publishing all three post on the same day, I set one to publish the following day.

    Fortunately, even though I did so, the suggestions from this challenge caused me to write something anyway.

    The results — I have written at least one post — and mostly multiple posts — everyday this month.

    Now on to March and musing about hidden talents.


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  5. I have a hidden talent of getting myself into trouble…usually by what I say..
    but I think also that my talent, if there is one, is being able to get on well with people. If I can make someone smile as I go on life’s way, then that is another talent.

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  6. This reminded me of a conversation I had last summer. If you do survive the zombie apocalypse, what skills could you offer? Thankfully, I offer more than pantomime and juggling. (Really. I had pantomime classes.)

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  7. One of my hidden talents, that I used to hate when I didnot know about was drawing.. I realised tht i was good at it when I watched an motivating Bollywood Movi- Taare Zameen Par, this movie had emphasized on something simple but striking, that every person has some or the other hidden talent. Unless you dont try something, how will you know that you’re good at it or not. So in tht movie itself the main child actor gets also good at drawing.. I came back home.. took a pencil, a simple cartoon, and drew it.. whoaaa.. thts it.. It was the beginning.. I wouldnt say I am good at it.. but I fell in love more with drawing, creativity, colors…etc… So you see sometimes it takes ages, but at times it just takes almost anything to make you realise what your good at.. 🙂

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  8. Well, I have sewn for a long time, over 20 years, then I got a bachelor of science degree in apparel design, where I learned illustration, presentation, draping, pattern making, etc., but I’ve always been able to make a garment from a picture, even the simplest sketch.

    A friend is one of those who can tie the stem of a maraschino cherry into a knot with her tongue.

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  9. Thanks for this topic, it’s my first Plinky prompt driven blog post.
    I look forward to foraging for more and getting more ideas 🙂

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