What is the smallest thing?

Topic #58

What is the smallest thing near you? Write a paragraph about it.

Bonus: Use your imagination – are elements the smallest thing? atoms? quarks?  How do you feel about the fact we keep finding smaller and smaller things inside of things that are already quite small?

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  1. A menor coisa que existe para mim são: Maldade, hipocrisia, inveja, ganancia, são coisas pequenas que machucam muito o ser humano. Eu fujo de pessoas assim. E o pior que o mundo está cheio de coisas pequenas.
    Abraços Mina!

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  2. Ce qui est petit et sous la main ? ma souris, c’est une souris sans fil, elle a besoin de deux piles, rechargeables … et dans une pile si je me souviens bien il y a des éléments “empilés” – est-ce que le nom de PILE provient de cet empilement ? Et si on ne prend pas des objets matériels, on pourrait bien parler santé, fragilité accidents cardio-vasculaires, AVC (accident vasculaire cérébral) et du contraste de cette fragilité avec les objets dont on est fier, voitures, ou des succès remportés … et se dire “sic transit gloria mundi” la gloire du monde passe, nous passons aussi devenons tout petits avant de disparaître.

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  3. para a Ciencia, átomos, prótons , elétrons , neutrons ,
    eu não sou capaz de separar estas partículas de milésimos de micróns .
    do lado humano, bem perto de nós , sou muito capaz de ver e sentir as pequenas coisas , apesar de serem movidas por esses elementos…

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  4. Hey, I had once devised a theory that the solar system – with sun and planets surrounding it is actually an atom (nucleus, electrons) for some bigger/higher being. So, we are actually living in that atom.

    And, if we are able to see deeply inside an atom (through a microscope), we might find life on one of the electrons.

    But sadly, no one seems to be interested in listening to that spark of a genius. 🙂 Someday, this will be hailed as a scientific breakthrough 😀

    Destination Infinity

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  5. The smallest thing nearest to me at this precise moment are my spectacles. Now these are very important because without them I cannot see to write. These are my reading glasses but I do have others in the same case which are for ordinary moving about stuff.
    Silly thing is that when I read a book or eat my food I have to take my glasses off as I can see better without them !! One weird lady!!!!

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  6. The smallest thing near me is also the biggest. It is my thoughts. They have no mass or structure in a physical form, but my thoughts are constantly there. They grow and grow and become big ides. But you will never see it because they are physically nothing.

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  7. This is a great idea… I have been writing blog posts for people for a long while and the people who normally ask me to write are people who loved their blog idea in the beginning but have now got so used to writing about things that they are just not inspired to write any more. Hopefully more people will see this post and it will inspire them to continue on with their blogs.

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  8. The smallest thing to me is respect – respect for a woman that is homeless and might need my help. Respect for women who may need financing – believing in them and taking the time. Respect to listen when many others may not have taken the time to care…This is the smallest thing to me…thanks for this!

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  9. The smallest thing near me are the brains of a few folks, Ok, kidding. The smallest thing near me is also the largest thing near me, it is the idea I have forming in my brain @ this moment. Ideas are the merest of electro-chemical reactions, but oh how they grow. I hope that everyone creates an idea now, & then writes it down, or better yet, acts on it!

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