Describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken.

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Describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken.

Bonus: If you’re feeling all glass half empty, the worst road trip. Or describe a road trip you’d like to take and why you want to take it.

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  1. Aqui no Brasil, a maioria das pessoas adoram o Nordeste e a Paraiba pelas lindas praias, eu não viajo muito, mas há muitos anos fui conhecer a praia de Guarapari no Espirito Santo. É uma graça, pequena mas encantadora. E a areia preta é considerada medicinal por curar várias doenças é o que falavam lá.
    Quanto ao caminho é longo, fomos de carro, levou muitas horas o que não gosto.
    Abraços a todos Mina!

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  2. There are so many road trips in my life but the most memorable one was when my family (of 3) packed up and moved from Upstate NY to Colorado. There were tears, fears and regrets … yet … as the miles widened there were hope, dreams and excitement!

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  3. The best road trip I have ever taken started the day my daughters were born. I’ve been away for a couple a years & am so looking forward to the next leg of this journey, when I take it back home in Aug. Life is Good!

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  4. A cross country trip in 1973 with everything we owned packed on the top of a 1963 Econoline Van. We were heading from Massachusetts to California for my husband to attend diving school. Our 3 year old son rode in the car seat on the front passenger bucket-seat and I sat on the engine hatch between the front two seats. Along the way we toured many national parks which were beautiful, but I was constantly filled with a queasy anxious excitement expecting this trip would lead to many other trips and a new and different life which I alternately welcomed and feared. Lori

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  5. F0r the past 8 years the only road trip we have taken is to Denver to see our son. He usually has different things for us to do. We always go to the Rockies game. Last year we were out there for the 4th and seeing the fireworks display up close and far away was cool. We have gone to the minature town, the aquarium, several times to Elitch Garden, to the Bitiancial Garden, the zoo, to the Body display (that was really different and cool at the same time-my favorite was seeing a baby at different stages from conception through birth.) In 2003 it was our worst road trip because the air conditioner went out in the truck and going through Western Kansas was ran into a dust bowl. That was very scary because you couldn’t see anything.

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  6. minha melhor viagem, no momento me vem , e me recordo de boas lembranças
    quando fui visitar meus pais, há 15 anos atrás , eu tenho fotos, imagens da época, embora envelhecidas pelo tempo, eu fiquei muito ansioso , para recordar o tempo que era bom…foi a melhor distância percorrida…

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  7. Hitch-hiking from Athens to Brussels with only five dollars, a loaf of bread and a carrot to my name. Slept mostly on building sites. Got surrounded by Yugoslav military with machine guns for picking firewood in a military zone.

    Got drunk three times – toasting Greece and Britain co-operation during the war, an American soldier feeding me bottled beer on an empty stomach and rather sadly shared a bottle with a guy on his 21st birthday, stuck in a miserable field in Belgium.

    An amazing number of people gave me food on the journey including an old lady who gave me fruit, another hitch-hiker gave me some tins of fruit, which I shared with a customs official, who then stopped all cars until someone gave me a lift; a German who had been a prisoner of war and insisted of buying me a meal.

    I was able to buy more food using my dollars at an American military base.

    Then ended up in a down and out hostel in the centre of Brussels waiting for some cash to be wired through from a bank from the folks. Crossed the Channel drinking champagne with an extremely rich businessman.

    A great trip.

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  8. Great topic! My best road trip was certainly last years getaway to Berlin. 750km one way to visit an old mate and to show my favorite city to my friends. So worth it!!

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  9. Road trips!! wow.. I have been writing in great detail about my new-year road trip in a 8 part series! It was crazy-fun. We were seven dudes, all real stupid when it comes to being resourceful! Three days on the road with us, left some lasting impression which none of us are bound to forget ever.

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  10. My best road trip was in good ole Brooklyn. It started out with my riding my bike to the gym for a workout. Then connecting with a friend for coffee, which turned into strolling along the promenade in Brooklyn Heights. It was there we realized we could take our bikes over to Governors Island for a spin. That turned into getting her bike in shape for the ride and then darting back to the ferry stop. Riding around that island was so ridiculously relaxing…and all of that occurred because I went with the flow and just let the day evolve.

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  11. I wrote a post about my “road trip” in celebration of my “retirement” earlier this month, Blackberry River Inn. A Hidden and Mysterious Jewel in Norfolk CT []. The Inn we stayed at had a certain cloud of mystery about it that has stayed with me since I stayed at the in 2004. I could not find anything on the Internet to satisfy my curiosity about the Inn so I sent a quick email to the town’s librarian looking for any information about the history of the Inn.

    I was delighted to get a response this past Friday. Even more delighted to find out that my feelings of mystery were shared by the Librarian. She and her husband are also musicians and they used to perform at the Inn on weekends. She had the same eerie feeling of mystery and more.

    The town is not that far from me and I plan to visit the library and go through some of the scrap books there at the end of the week. No doubt, I will have more “mystery” to share.

    I was at a loss for what to write about the day I wrote this post. I’m so glad I did and I’m looking forward to visiting the library and historical society in this town.

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  12. One of most fun road trips I took didn’t have a definite destination. I went with a friend and all we knew was that we wanted to go to the beach, any beach. We hopped on a bus, got off after a couple of hours, and asked around where the best strip of beach was. Unfortunately, people, we learned, have mixed perceptions of the word “best.” After bungled directions and a lunch of dusty burgers, we found what we’d been looking for. The Perfect Beach. At the tip of the coast, no people, white sands, satin smooth blue water, delicious food. We wanted to move our jobs out there.

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  13. A totally unexpected road trip with 3 strangers, all of us in the same “boat” when Southwest cancelled our flights. All anxious to get to our destinations, mine being my daughter’s home, an hour away by air. Not one for hitch-hiking, but wanting to see her smiling face after a 5 hour flight, I threw caution to the wind. Telling my hubby, “I’m catching a ride with Larry. Talk to you later.” I happily drove off with my newfound companions, a woman, and 2 men.

    God blessed our road trip because our personalities gelled. We were all soft-spoken, laughing quietly at each other’s jokes, commiserating about jobs and families. We stopped enroute for a quick bite, but hurriedly continued on our way.

    Arriving at the airport where we should’ve landed, I tried to press $20 into Larry’s hand for having rented the car. He refused, saying the company was more than compensation on what would have been a long, solitary, 5 hour ride to his home. I hugged him, tears welling in my eyes because I’d been helped by a truly Good Samaritan.

    good people happen when you least expect them…hugmamma. 🙂

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  14. Hmm, not having been on a particularly long road trip I’d have to say the time when I was around 12 (mid to late 80’s) when me, my dad & my sister travelled from the west midlands to Plymouth to visit my uncle. All the way down we saw an endless stream of old VW Beatles, Camper Vans and other vintage cars that were painted with suns and flowers. Along each side of the vehicle was the slogon: “Run to the sun!” and the occupants were happy smiling people!

    It was a cool sight to see so many people all running to the sun, though I didn’t know what it meant. Years later I found it was to do with a beach festival in Newquay.

    As for a road trip I’d like to take it would have to be the one from east to west coast US trip thingy, route 66 is it called? That one where you take a bunch of friends in a huge RV and tour the sights. Or one through the Australian outback to visit Ayers Rock.

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