What would you do with a million dollars

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What would you do with a million dollars, tax free?

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  1. I would save at least 20% of it in Gold, Money & Gems.

    I would finish restoring my 1968 VW convertible.

    I would put funds away for my kids school/life.

    I would purchase some more life insurance.

    I would buy a small cabin on an island.

    I would take all my immediate family on a cruise.

    I would finish my PhD.

    I would start my international work with orphans.

    I would relax a bit more about bills!


  2. 1) Pay off all my debts, all my wife’s debts, and my parent’s debts.
    2)Buy a Pentax K-5, and a Pentax 645D – and a few wicked dope lenses.
    3) 1993 Porsche 911 Turbo.
    4) iPads for every student in my classroom to use in school.
    5) New projector for my classroom.
    6) New computers for my classroom.
    7) A crapload of LEGO sets.


  3. Olá Pessoal, gostaria de mudar daqui, ir para uma cidade com uma bela praia. Mas sonhar não custa nada ,por ser impossivel ganhar essa quantia.
    Quem me dera poder ter a sorte de ganhar um milhão de dólares.
    Abraços a todos!


  4. The one thing that keeps me trying to win the lottery…I’d buy a huge farm in the middle of nowhere and open a home for stray or unwanted dogs.


    1. I like that idea, especially since my mom had Alzheimer’s when she died. Good, external stimulation might have made her last years more enjoyable.

      hugs…hugmamma. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. 1. Give to family
    2. Give to friends
    3. Give to homeless people & Charities
    4. Give to homeless animals and charities
    5. Go to Law school in Chicago, IL John Marshall Law College
    6. Buy a home – a simple one- nothing in the high dollars market
    7. Open a home or charity for all homeless people
    8. Give a place for low income to rent at 20.00 a month
    9. Give away books to anyone
    10. Give bibles to everyone
    11. Buy cars for anyone who needed them
    12. Clean and organize for others
    13. Buy a horse farm and let low income families work there for free and live there for free, give free training.
    14. Have a website and blog
    15. Open my own church and start preaching
    16. Oh I better stop there, the million might be running out, try to find another million to keep this up. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. My answer is the same as Drea!!!! I have it all planned out. And of course pay off all of our bills and help family. No big diamonds or boats. Clothes yes. Of course a new house because it would be on the massive acreage I would buy to take care of the animals! Not too big of a house though. No need for that.


  7. Well, am about to start college, so that’s never a bad investment. Then, I’ll save the rest, as I continue to just store money in there.


  8. Harvard, universidade , eu terminaria minha graduação muito mais rápido,
    com muito mais recursos financeiramente, para manter estágio, uma das
    mais velhas universidades, mas sem duvida a melhor do mundo, após eu seria capaz de gerênsiamentoi de TI, com um novo lar, e novo automóvel, sonata
    estamos sonhando, mas um dia pode se tornar realidade, boa sorte para todos
    e bom planejamento…


  9. I would buy all the tech gadgets I have been dreaming of. The first in the line would be a Macbook Pro and then an iMac. I can’t think of what I’d do next with the rest of the money because of the excitement I’m having thinking of owning a Mac. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hope to post something later today on Daily Sajib.


  10. First, I would split the money with my siblings right down the line.

    Second, I would save my mom from a life of rehab, by getting her the best treatment and living facility possible.

    Third, I would get a life by moving out on my own, paying off any loans (car, etc.).

    Forth, I would quit my job and take a vacation (with a friend) so I could sort myself out.

    Fifth, I would register for another college course, so I could further myself.

    Sixth, I would donate money to Sick Kids Hospital and Canadian Blood Services and my church.

    Lastly, I would relax and enjoy life.


  11. Search for and give my daughter the most promising cure for ms
    Seek professional investment counseling and establish a provision of residual income for a variety of charitable causes.
    Fix my homes roof, sell my home and the new roof, buy an acreage home with a good roof.


  12. I will be the luckiest man because it happens on my birthday.

    I won’t rush into spending the money immediately.

    At a later date, I will identify some charitable projects and work with them. Make some sound investments here and there and keep the rest in the bank and spend it wisely,


  13. Fun! I wrote on this; a variation of it anyway, a while back and will share it as there was a funny news story attached to the post. ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. After taxes, paying off my debts, and a couple of well aimed charitable donations, I would buy a hundred acres or so in the middle of nowhere and start up a small self sustaining (with alternative power supply so I can live off the grid) organic farm that supports a vegan lifestyle. Finally, I would settle in and write as many kick ass books as I can before I die.


  15. first i would say thank you!!!

    then i would divide the million USD in 3:

    1/3 to save in the bank
    1/3 to use right now; get gifts to my family, make a trip to Denmark to see my 93 year old grandma, buy a little cottage on the coast of DK
    1/3 give to charity; especially orphanages in Lebanon


  16. If I were to win a million dollars, tax free, I would pay off my husband’s truck loan, pay off the house, get my husband’s big garage built that he would like to have, get him a golf cart, get us a pontoon boat, pay off 2 other loans, pay off my son’s college debts and Dr. bills from a skiing accident in 2006, pay my parents back the money I have had to borrow in the last 2 years since I lost my job, pay the $400 to the church that they loaned to us, get me a convertible car, pay back tithing to the church and put the rest in a savings account.