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Would you rather be super intelligent or extremely good looking?

Bonus: What if you could be both, but not at the same time?

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  1. I’d be super intelligent by day and extremely good looking by night, that way I can make loadsa wonga to support my secret identity as The Hunk!


  2. I actually feel sorry for very extremely good looking people as most the people interacting with them are superficial. Beautiful girls in particular are having loads of men hitting on them, but many are seeing the girl as a trophy.

    So intelligence please.


  3. I’m both so, I don’t have to think about it! Seriously, I’ll take the brains, thank you very much. Beautiful people who are airheads are lovely to gaze upon, but boring as hell to have a conversation with.


  4. I wonder if it would be possible to have suggestions of topics that are a little bit more sophisticated. Many of these topics are really not conducive to any kind of deep thought. Here are some other ideas:
    1. What changes (if any) are you making in life to save the planet?
    2. Canada has a piece of legislation pending in the senate to protect the rights of trans people. What are you thoughts? Do you know a trans person?
    3. Post about a political situation in your community. What is your position and why?

    Just some other ideas.


    1. Plinky is a good looking blonde and she is the one who usually suggests these topics. WordPress is a horny boy of thirteen and obeys her respectfully. Don’t expect deep thought from a site made for the average moron.


  5. Nice one shihtsustaff! Get the debate going! In reply to your suggestions: I’m not trying to save the planet since I don’t think it needs saving. By trans people do you mean transexual? Sorry for the dumb question. Politically I find it hard to have a position as all parties in the UK seem as bad as each other, although I do agree with David Camerons methods of cutting our country’s debt. Not sure I buy into his Big Society ethos, seems a way to cut corners and stop the government for taking blame when bad things happen.

    Them’s me views! Interesting topics indeed.


  6. Would You Rather Be Super-Intelligent or Extremely Good Looking?

    That sounds like a question for a guy. Guys are extremely good-looking and females are drop-dead gorgeous. So if I had the choice to be an extremely good-looking female or a super-intelligent female, I guess I would go for the brains.

    On the other hand, if I could be drop-dead gorgeous, I don’t think I would NEED to be super-intelligent! Plenty of guys would trip over each other trying to give me what being super-intelligent MIGHT get for me.

    Just my opinion…


  7. I’d rather be a blend of both. Beauty without substance lacks true beauty and intelligence without a bit of beauty would be often ignored in favor of the beautiful on tv. Being just intelligent could easily become a prison. But if not both- than I’ll follow in ‘the Hunks’ footprints and say, I’d rather be beautiful for nights on the town and intelligent for mornings writing the next great American novel.
    -Your fellow Night owl.


  8. I think I would rather be super-intelligent vs extremely good looking. I have never considered myself to be good looking (except to my wife), the intelligent part, even that can go to extremes. I consider myself to be smarter than the average bear, and thank goodness there are some people where I live are truly dumber than a box of rocks. Super intelligence also has its drawbacks, you can be super smart in some areas and dumb as a box of rocks in others. I’m smart in quite a few areas, just don’t give me math, there I’m not the brightest lightbulb in the marquee. Give me basic math, I’m good, and I still have college algebra to go through for my master’s degree. God help me!!!


  9. I’ll write a proper blog in a minute. But I just want to point out that this is one of those questions that leaves a lot of details out. Like if I pick one, does that mean I’m the total opposite of the other? But that I mean, if I pick super-intelligent, does that mean I would be grossly physically deformed. Of if I picked extremely good-looking, does that mean I’ll be mentally challenged? Because if the choices are super-intelligent and average looks, or extremely good-looking with average intelligence, then those might be harder choices.


  10. I take super-intellgience any day, because I can use my super-intelligence to change the world. If I was ugly, I can still use my mind to attract people and infleunce others. There is a old saying I think: A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


  11. i would choose super-intelligent. a girl with the brain and a witty attitude still looks beautiful in a mans eyes. but a girl with an extreme-beauty without a brain is still nothing.