Topic: what is your favorite word?

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What is your favorite word? Why?

Bonuses:  What is your least favorite word? What word are you entirely neutral about? For all your word choices, is it how they sound, or what they mean that defines your opinion of them?

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  1. My favorite word is love. Without love of friends, family and most importantly, God, there is nothing. My most hated word is fag. We all know who they are but we need to show respect for them. That doesn’t mean we condone their lifestyle it just means that they are human beings and loved by our Lord.


    1. I certainly agree, and I’m surprised to find a response like this on DailyPost.
      Love is a Christian’s most valuable tool, aside from the Holy Spirit which our Lord has given us.


  2. Not sure if it’s my favorite, but I do use it alot. My wife teases me about it. (Sharp)…better than a man saying something is (cute) isn’t it? Lol


  3. Odtaa – which stands for – One Damn Thing After Another.

    Definition: The expression is reputed to be going around the colonial clubs of the distant countries of the British Empire in the Victorian Period. It came to fame with the publication of the book, ODTAA, in 1926 by John Masefield.

    We read the book Odtaa at my school as a way to keep the class quiet. It’s an adventure story where the hero, a true, stiff upper lip Englishman travels in foreign parts and clearly out of his depth deals with all sorts of foreigners during revolution.

    I have taken the word as my online persona — so I am now called Paul Odtaa whenever my computer is switched on. I changed my name as the far too many writers with my real name, Paul Mason. these include a business journalist at the BBC, a fantasy writer, quite a few academics and a writer producer on the American TV programme, Diagnosis Murder.

    The English Zen

    I also think that Odtaa could be turned into an alternative self help concept, which would be remarkably different from the majority of other books.

    The attitude of Odtaa would be that for the majority of time a person is in a hole. In traditional self-help and dynamic, ‘I am going to be a great success I make my fortune’, books the obvious answer is to work on a way out and in a series of short steps dig your way out of the hole.

    Not so with Odtaa. The strategy here would be not to worry so much about being in the hole, as vigourously climbing your way out the hole and then stepping forward would land you in another hole.

    If you adopt this strategy then for most of your life you will be happy in a funny English sort of way. There will be little things to complain about and you know that although it may look sunny you know, and are reassured, but over the horizon there will be a few rain clouds.

    How I live my life

    I do tend to live my half following the Odtaa philosophy and half as a thrusting, business entrepreneur. When I write as Paul Odtaa, (who I think of as vaguely Scandinavian), I am far more dynamic then I am as the standard Paul Mason, who enjoys a fairly relaxed life, living in the nicest part of London, with an easy walk to the River Thames and a nearby park.

    When I drive my camper van I am that laid-back person enjoying the countryside of Britain. In the evenings when I hammer at my keyboard I am the more dynamic one.

    One thing though taking on the philosophy is that very little worries me with the exception of politics. So there must be a third persona to my character. I funnel my politics into short breaks during the day.


    1. If you want an example of an Odtaa moment this post was it.
      This post crashes out when I try and post it on my blog.

      So I posted it here.

      It’s now a support worker’s problem.


  4. My favorite word at this stage in my life is “Grandma”. Two of the cutest little girls in the world use that name to get my attention every day after school. It has very special meaning.
    It’s a special word that tumbles from their lips to my ears all afternoon long, and it never loses its polish.
    • Grandma, I’m hungry.
    • Grandma, I need help with my homework.
    • Grandma, I made this picture for you.
    • Grandma, I’m thirsty.
    • Grandma, she took my crayon.
    • Grandma, I love you very much.
    And I love you too, little ones.


  5. This was one of the easier posts to write and I did it in less than 200 words, possibly my shortest yet. To be published tomorrow morning UK time.


  6. syzygy, pronounced: sizz’-uh-gee.
    I like the way it sounds. I love the way it’s spelled. I like old words we hardly every use. And I like the meaning, in astronomy, which is, the farthest point away between two orbiting bodies, or something like that. Great word.
    It also can mean the paring of two opposite things, I suppose as in “day/night”, or, how about those great, swinging double doors marked both “in” and “out”.
    Love the word.


  7. Every week it is a new word, some word I have just learned or read, or found to have great meaning. One of my all-time favorite words is quiescent which I used in a poem about caterpillars and teenagers becoming quiescent in a coccoon until they become a butterfly.


  8. Hmmmmmmmmm, favorite word, now I know this has to be PG, so I am going to say, Really,,, it makes a statement and asks a question all with the same word!


  9. I have too many favorite words, I can,t selected just one, however, I can selected my least favorite word. My least favorite word is retard because, it convey to me a person has no sense of intelligence.