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What’s something you never believed until you experienced it?

Bonus: What is something you believed in, until an experience changed your mind?

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  1. Hey, Scott –
    Since you stopped including your handy reminder at the end of your posts abouto 2 weeks ago (“Reminder: Do not answer this in the comments. That would be very silly….”), I figured it would be ok to offer an answer here:
    Or, more specifically, love for a widow in her 40’s who has teenage children and no longer looks like hottie 😉 Oh, yes, ladies… it can happen.

    Have a good one, everybody.


    1. Yes it can… who would have thought? and it is wonderful, spectacular and amazing… Who says your not a hottie BTW, someone obviously thinks you are… I don’t feel like a hottie but I am certainly treated like one (now)… feels good!


      1. You’re right… I just passed a mirror and checked. I am, indeed, a hottie!
        Sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂 I do get your point, M.E. – well-taken. And it does feel good!

        And no, Spicedrop, never lose hope…


  2. Ooooh, good one! Matches my blog theme in the sense that we seldom believe we can create the life we want until we do it. Thanks for the new angle.


  3. Oh, and i am pretty excited – my blog is one year old this Friday and I am patting myself on the back :-). I love that the WordPress blog themes are so easy to change. I will have a new look, more in line with my overall businss look, thanks for helping me brand my business.


  4. That I could hitch-hike from Athens to Calais until I had no choice but to do so. All I had was $5, three cans of food and a loaf of bread.

    It took ten days and slept on building sites on the way home. Got pretty merry with alcohol three times: toasting the support the British gave to Greece during the war, driving down the German autoban with an American soldier and I shared a bottle of whisky with this poor guy in Belgium as we were stuck in a horrible field and it was his 21 st birthday.

    Had five maching guns pointed at me as I had started picking twigs in a military zone in Yugoslavia. (Not as scary as the Israeli security who objected to my mate taking photographs of their mini-submarines on my way out). Travelled the only two miles of the trip in a horse drawn cart with no suspension. And ended up in down and out hostel in Brussels waiting for some cash from my parents.

    All in all a good trip.


  5. What is something you believed in, until an experience changed your mind?

    My belief in religion in Bethlehem. I was there three weeks after the Six Day War and Israel really challenges your views. You walk around a corner and you are suddenly in completely different way of life.

    I got to meet Jews, Christians, Druze, Bahai, Muslims and many different interpretations of these faiths including a town of black, Christian Baptists who had come from America.

    I had some doubts about religion. My family has two cases in the recent history of people being thrown out of the family for marrying someone of the wrong faith.

    I had gone through the formal set of lessons of Confirmation – but these filled me with unease. Which I pondered as I travelled.

    It was in Bethlehem seeing the different sects of the Christian aggressively competing. The sadness and stupidity of the war as most people on both sides were really nice.

    Then one minute I was a Christian and the next I was an atheist. And when you make that step you can’t go back.


  6. Olá, eu nunca acreditei que pudesse neste momento, estar aqui escrevendo.
    No começo foi muito difícil, agora estou indo em frente, detalhe estou adorando.
    Só posso agradecer todos os dias, a vocês e aos meus leitores.
    Abraços!!! Mina!!!!!!


  7. I’m not sure if this counts but when I was told to turn ont he tv on 9/11 because a friend told me a plane had crashed into the world trade centre, I sat on the sofa with friends and we just stared at the screen not really believing it was real. I don’t know how long we discussed it, maybe just a few mins, but all of us thought it was a huge hoax, like on of those pretend TV dramas. It just seemed utterly ridiculous, something out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Then we realised it was all true.

    I believed in the sanctity of marriage when I was young (and still do to some extent) until my mother left me and my sister with my dad for another man. It’s funny how single events can shape and shake your belief system even at an early age.