Topic: describe the worst teacher you ever had

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Describe the worst teacher you ever had.

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  1. Tu esti cel mai rau profesor pe care lam avut fara sa faci un instructaj imi pui conditi si ma folosesti ca pe un sclav fara sa platesti nici in lumea a treiea nu se foloseste asemenea tratamente numai bila- den va da de cap si o meritati singuiri trageti raul catre v-oi mincinosilor!!!!


  2. Hello Scott Berkun, I’m enjoying your post a day topics but I think that your topic numbers are not correct. I think you had two #37. Thanks for providing this site for us! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a great day!


  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I would have to say it was my 5th grade teacher out East. She was a rather Big Woman, and she was a very strict teacher, really strict. Well she was a bully, and she bullied one of my friends, I spoke up and I got the ruler across my knuckles, ouch, and blood. I was only 10 yrs.old.
    I told my Dad, who is Greek and big himself, muscle wise, and he paid her a visit @ school, let’s just say she never ever, touched another kid again for anything, it is amazing what a little slamming of a hand that looks like a hammer can do…!lol


    1. All this stupid talk about teaching with a free frame of mind, creativity and similar bullshit infused into you through various channels (so you’re not thinking freely, really) sometimes gets too much to handle. Gets on my nerves sometimes. So I’ll just sleep.
      But a lovely topic, after a long time. I will write on it tomorrow.


  4. Worst teacher was a bad Chemistry teacher who had trouble controlling the class. As we were made to sit in alphabetic surname order I was stuck in a group of thugs, two of whom are now career criminals in and out of jail.

    As I quite liked science I did the best I could – I never caused any trouble.

    At the end of the year this teacher gave me an appalling report describing me as a trouble maker, disrupted and that he believed I was one of the group that had switched on all the gas taps in the classroom after we had left at night. (Fortunately the caretaker smelt the gas before there was an explosion).

    This gave me problems in the last years of school. He gave up teaching that year as he was a poor teacher.

    The best teacher.

    Mr Powell. He was a Regimental Sergeant Major during who had fought the Second World War in North Africa and Italy. He was then posted to Palestine and involved in the difficult situation leading up to the formation of Israel.

    He was our class teacher and taught months. He had us for the entire Friday afternoon. He would start by teaching us some maths. He would give us a set of exercises and expect the entire class to complete them. He allowed the quicker students to help the weaker ones, but he would check that the weaker students knew the work.

    When we had all finished the exercises he would then tell us about the battles of the Second War, with a lot of personal details. He was a good talker and he had three blackboards to show battle plans and strategy.

    So cleverly he gave the entire class the incentive to learn and quickly get through our exercises for one of his stories. Very effective.

    He also helped many of us to go in for the UK’s 13+ exams to get us into the local technical college or grammar school.


  5. Quando eu era menina, tive 2 professoras japonesas, no bairro onde morava, elas me batiam, quebravam réguas na minha cabeça, foram as piores da minha lembrança. A minha mãe não falava nada e não reclamava.
    Verdade que eu éra terrivel, aprontava até, mas isso me marcou para a minha vida inteira.
    Abraços Mina!!!!


  6. Haha, certainly an amusing one!
    It’s hard to imagine why some people get into the teaching career in the first place, that is, if they do not have the patience to endure the students.


  7. I won’t even go there as I’ve witten about it elsewhere, but it’s a great topic to help us think about the profession in general. I’ve always seen teaching as a two way street; learning with and from each other… ๐Ÿ™‚
    This has helped with my new blogging initiative: I have a blog hop Meet Up Mondays going on and invite others to join in. It will run till midnight Wednesday.
    Thank you!
    Mirth and Motivation


  8. It was probably a physics teacher. Which is kind of ironic because I’m kind of fighting inertia today. Am fighting the desire to just sit here and do nothing! Oh HELP! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  9. Wow! A trip down memory lane. I think the worst one that I had was Ms. Henderson. She was a college professor that should have retired long before I had her. She didn’t really teach but just had us paraphrase the history book we used. Maybe this is why my knowledge of World History isn’t the best!


  10. I think that many people became teachers because that is what there was left to do. My teachers were all worst. They were just doing what they were told by the authority. Otherwise they would have lost their jobs. Surprisingly I learned at least my alphabet and can type this note. We are such intelligent being us humans. We strive despite abandonment I have often resented those teachers for their mediocrity but perhaps I will be remembered by the younger generation as not so extraordinary myself.


  11. Miss White. A fresh faced young teacher we had for a year during my high school days. Reading a book I think it was called Summer of My German Soldier, by Bette Green. Miss White pronounced the word Arkansas as it is written but I knew it was supposed to be pronounced Arkansaw. I knew this after watching Smoky & The Bandit. So after one lesson I told her the way it was supposed to be spoken, and she smiled and said thank you.

    Next English lesson, what did she do? Yep. She said it the way she thought was right, and ignored me. Not a huge thing to dislike a teacher over but it smacked of arragance and I lost considerable respect for her. Compared to the glasss eyed chemistry teacher, who we could never work out who she was looking at and shouted at us non stop in every single lesson for 2 years, Miss White was not my favourite teacher!


  12. As a teacher, I hope to see an upcoming topic suggestion asking who was the best teacher we ever had? In our defense, it is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have. And I think we do go into it genuinely loving kids and wanting to contribute to their learning. I don’t ever think its just “what there is left to do.” There is so little money it in that it is a hard profession to attract really brilliant people into for long periods of time…I don’t know. Education is quite the subject.