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If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Bonus: What is the worst job you’ve ever had? What did you learn from it?

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  1. Did that one a while ago:
    Back when I was a teenager, I worked for my stepfather’s construction company. As I get further and further from my teenage years, I have had fewer opportunities to use this story in my job interviews. But the lessons learned still apply to me today, and you may find some value in them as well. (However, those with weak stomachs may want to skip down past the bold type.) ….


  2. I’d want to be a fashion photographer.. travel the world visiting many different inspiring locations..


  3. Olá eu me casei muito cedo, então trabalhei pouco, mas comecei aos 14 anos. Eu traabalhei como vendedora de loja, eu até que gostava.
    Hoje gostaria de trabalhar no que sei que faço bem. Alimentação sadia, e para aqueles que querem viver bem, e com saúde.
    Abraços Mina!


  4. Sticking the tassels on the show girls at the Folies Bergere – it’s ony $5 per hour – but it’s all I could afford. Woody Allan

    Seriously I would like to set up a computer training centre in an area of high unemployment, but without the government interference. (I used to teach computing in the equivalent of an American community college and at a refugee language centre).

    Worse job in my hippy days was as night porter in a hospital,where I was wheeling the dead bodies out to a Gothic mortuary. In the last ten years editing a whole set of images showing how to categorise the symptoms of diarrhea. They were videos that were digitised frame by frame. I had to search where one section stopped and the next one started.

    This lasted two weeks and then I had to title a set of photographs showing the effects of sexually transmitted diseases. This was for the tropics – showing the effects were someone did not have any access to the medical services.

    The result of the project was good as they developed a number of laser discs, now converted to searchable CDs, which are used to train doctors in the developing world and as a useful reference for doctors in the developed world.


  5. I want to be a writer on the “LOST” Spin Off Series… It is called “FOUND”, it would give you all the answers in the first episode, then take the next six seasons to explain the questions.


  6. if i could have any job i would be either an actor or systems architect my worst job i ever had trying to fix security cameras witch at the time i knew nothing about it took me about 3 weeks to sus what was the matter dont try to do jobs that are above you i can still dream thou


  7. Any job… I already have it, now @ 58 years old, I am doing exactly what I am suppose to do, I own my company called Divadish Kitchens and I am a Chef, what could be better.
    I help people eat well-balanced meals, I educate them on body-image, and let them enjoy good tasting food without The Guilt!
    Yes I already have the Perfect Job, Lucky-Lucky Me.!


  8. i’m sorry, but these topics are so BAD.
    i want something i can really talk about. not “if you were on a talk show…” or “what job would you have…” blah blah blah.
    give something that triggers actual THOUGHT please.


    1. Exactly my sentiments. They give us topics to write upon, and most of them don’t trigger any thought, they just trigger fantasies. We have a lot of fantasists, and a dearth of thinkers. WordPress, give us something good.


  9. I’d like to be First Lady. She’s got power and respect by association with the President. She’s able to carve out a job for herself in keeping with a “pet” cause. She enjoys travel and entertainment in a way unimaginable to the masses. She meets, greets, and often develops friendships with the movers and shakers of the world. She lives in our country’s foremost, historical mansion and has the staff to care for it, inside and out.

    What I might not like about the job is living under the microscopic lens of the media, and the people. I’d also prefer to walk around indoors in comfy clothes and stockinged feet, not dresses and fancy shoes. Truth be told, I think I’d tire of having to be “on” all the time…and I couldn’t blog as much as I do.

    So I’ll stick to being a middle-class housewife, mom, and empty-nester, just trying to live my best life. This has really been the best career move, bar none. What job did I hate most? All other jobs I had before this one!