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If you had your own reality show, what would it be called? What would it be about? Who would the main characters be?

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  1. Just wanted to report in that I haven’t missed a day yet and the reality show “Survivor” was my blog yesterday. While most of the topics for my travel/memoir blog have been my own, I have been inspired by one or two of your ideas. Thanks.
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  2. My own Reality TV Show hmmmmmmmmm?
    It would be engaging, full of One-Liners, Stupid Humor, about parts of my ongoing Life, and parts of my Family’s, Past & Present.
    It would be stories full with dumb, dumb stuff, but the stuff would relate to everyone. Like the saying “Been there done that” Yeah my Reality show would make you laugh out loud, Wet your pants, Wipe your eyes, and still come craving more!


  3. If i had a reality show i’d call it the everyday lifestyles of the poor and not so famous,it would be about how the poor has to struggle,the hardships they endure,i myself would have loved to play a role in the series,i would also have will smith, Samuel.l.jackson,steve martin, Geana davis and sharon stone,along with the supporting cast of course.



  4. Eu adoraria ter um programa, aonde pudesse fazer o que sei a respeito de saúde, receitas, tudo voltado a saúde com orientações, para que as pessoas entenderem o que é preciso fazer para enquanto viver, ter qualidade de vida.
    Abraços Mina!


  5. Beautiful People Go Geek

    Lock a bunch of Jocks and their ‘model’ female friends in a house set up as a maze. To get through each door they’ve got to solve technical problems – mostly maths, programming problems etc and watch them squirm.

    To make it more fun there would be windows so that they could see the things they could get – like food in the most difficult to get into rooms.


  6. I don’t usually write in response to the topics from the Post A Day as I’ve been so inspired by the Brighton-Hove seafront; but as I had already come up with this idea written in a light-hearted stream-of-consciousness moment (posted to notes on my Facebook page – find link in Comments following post on my blog), I thought I’d post it in response to the topic. Check it out 🙂


  7. Surprised how no one else noticed this but both this as well as the previous topic are numbered as #31. Small issue but since I track topics by that ID, I missed a topic 🙂