Topic: What tech can’t you live without?

Topic #31

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What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without?

Bonus topic:  What technology do you wish would disappear from the world?

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  1. Today I wrote off the topic about “letting go.” Please ck it out, and “hit the like” button. Comments are welcome


  2. Depois que nos acostumamos com toda a tecnologia disponivel, não é possivel viver sem ela, não abro mão de nada que possuo.
    Viva a tecnologia!!!!


  3. For me its my washing machine… I dont want to wash my cloth in a river or something like that…
    And if you mean electronical things, a would say my radio.
    Have a nice day !! annette


  4. Can’t do without lipstick. Won’t leave the house without it. Even wear it in the house. When I’m alone. Hate passing a mirror and seeing me not looking fabulous. When money is low and so is my lipstick, it doesn’t matter. I order the best on line. Love Chanel and Yves St. Laurent. Also perfume. Can’t do without that. Love Joy and Sublime.


  5. I can’t live without my camera but i guess cameras are techs by accident and not by nature. Photography was here before the invention of electronics …


  6. can’t do without my Skype at this moment, which bring me to the World , and the Word to me as my home. I share a lot with friends evry day all my experinces and Challenges.