Topic: It’s time to vent

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What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

Word to the wise: Be smart when you blogging about people in your life, as you never know who is reading. Be clever enough not to use names or other obvious characteristics of people who will be angry if recognized as the target of your venting. There are clever ways to vent without crossing this line.

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  1. I have run into this predicament several times since I’ve started writing my blog. I highly suggest avoiding using names all together- just as a courtesy and out of respect to their privacy.


  2. This is like preaching to the choir for me. From day one, I realized that every touch of the keyboard reaches the world.

    What we say today can haunt us tomorrow.


  3. Apart from my shaky health which is ongoing, the thing that is driving me nuts is the user-unfriendly aspect of WordPress’s formatting when posting. I spend three times as long as I should have to on posting, simply because at some point the text explodes and I have the wrong fonts, can’t get the colored text I want, can’t get the right size font I want, can’t get the spacing I want–at least not without a great deal of time, finagling and effort.

    Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE WordPress – I love the ease with which you can set up the site and relatively easily make its appearance your own. I love the widgets and data so readily available. I love the articles and the Freshly Pressed section…and I pretty much really enjoy the other bloggers – they are a great bunch.

    So why oh why can’t the clever WordPress team make the formatting of a post a little easier? My tired eyes will thank you.

    Oh yeah, one other thing – the fact that when you click on a media picture, it puts it in the first paragraph no matter where you want it to be. Arghhh.

    Wizards and Ogres and Elves…oh my!


    1. Have you tried changing browsers? I’ve noticed that when I post @ work, where I have to use Explorer, I have some problems with formating my posts. But when I’m home and use Firefox everything works just fine.


  4. I really would like to vent about work but it sure will get me fired, you have to read the small print. Don’t ever vent about work except at the bar 🙂


  5. When you vent, write it out and pretend to publish, then think about it. I wish I had earlier today. Thankfully there is nothing wrong with erasing a contentious post, one click and it all goes away.


  6. Words I may have to eat, I’d rather they be sweet,
    Those that are too strong, will usually be wrong.
    Words that you say are not as powerful as words written and displayed.


  7. Greeting Fellow WordPressers and Staff,
    Is there any way to share our response with others who are taking part in this contest? A link to those who are taking part in the challenge?

    As of yet, I really haven’t answered the suggestions, but I find them intriguing (does think time count as a blog entry?)
    I would love to see how others are responding to these topics through …art…visual…written…etc. Hopefully they might inspire- there is such amazing creativity and talent found on WordPress.




  8. Vent? It’s about time—that is, the crunch of time. Through WordPress I was found by a sibling my mother placed for adoption as an infant. It was an easy find because material on my site matched OUR mother’s name, which was unusual. My only vent is that because WordPress made the find so easy, I’ve taken much time out from my writing to spread the word to my family members, and to get to know my new sibling and, so far, one of her children. Oh, it’s a good find WordPress enabled—but can’t WordPress find me MORE TIME?


  9. Very good topic choice. I found that my blog was a great place to let out some steam earlier in the month. We can blog away to our hearts content about what really grinds out gears and get other peoples opinions on it. I think you’ve really come up a cropper with this topic. Great idea!


  10. Selfish people in general drive me nuts on a case by case basis. When I feel myself getting frustrated I just remember I am in control of my own emotions and petty things can only get to me if I LET them 🙂


  11. Well this topic couldn’t have come @ a better time! Yesterday 1/28/11
    was literally a Day from Hell! It started out well and finished up with me in Urgent Care, and my youngest dog put to sleep. I am still in mourning over it and my other older dog is too! But this is part of Life too, and we know it is inevitable, but always much easier just not to think about it!