New to blogging? This one’s for you.

If you’re looking for pointers on how to focus your blog, get more readers, and improve your writing, check out Molly Campbell’s Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Writing.

Here are some excerpts from the post:

You must decide what your blog is “about.” Decide who your audience will be, and write for them. Don’t try to be all things to all people.

Blog consistently…Readers want to get a regular infusion of your genius…Do what you are comfortable with, but do it habitually.

The more you interact with your readers, the better…Solicit comments and thank your commenters!

Molly’s tips were published as a guest post on Heidi Turner’s blog, The Happy Freelancer.

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  1. Olá obrigada pela dica, eu costumo fazer isso, mas escrevo sobre alguns temas, e agradeço sempre os comentários, pois são muito bem vindos.
    Abraços Mina!


  2. Great advice! Simply reading that one excerpt and following through with its advice can make for one giant step in furthering and solidifying your blog.

    Although I must say, my blogging topic isn’t particularly focused in one primary area – as a do a variety of personal reflections, and all-things reviews!


  3. Interesting. I’m quite new to blogging and I’m at the stage now where I want to increase my viewership, so this should be pretty helpful, thanks!


  4. Great idea I will try to start commenting more on other posts. I am new to blogging. I like to blog about a little of everything because my passions are of wide range. I hope I can learn to blog better and get more views and comments. Please visit my blogs and let me know what you think.



  5. Great advice. I echo the blogging consistently, it’s one of those “just do it” kind-of things. I travel here and there and often have to convince myself that being on the road, hanging with friends, or working on other projects is NO excuse for missing a post, and I remind myself just how good it feels when that “publish” button is pressed.


  6. I think that is one of the problems with my blog… I seam to write about anything and everything. I am worried that my posts have no focus and as a result, people will only be interested in some of them. Oh well, I guess if I am am enjoying it, that is what counts right?


  7. I’m in agreement with @adventurewriter . I intend to write based on personal reflection.
    My life is going through an abundance of changes, and I hope to share them with a little band of readers.


  8. I always come after everyone put their 2 words.Maybe I write about snakes. There is one man ( does not matter where.) He breeds snakes and they are his pets. You may see see what snake he breeds.Snakes from China,and far away places. He make good $ but there is trouble. The US GOVERNMNET is not at all agreed with snakes. The are afraid that they ‘ll run away to the great lakes, and they are going to make a law against snakes.
    I am not against snakes, the creator made them and we should stay away from them .


  9. I like to write about things that make us strong despite the various challenges we face on a daily ,i also like to write on current events,however erica has encouraged and inspired me to focus my attention on what i do best ,and that is to write regardless of the topic!