Are you holding back? Here’s another reason to share

In Share Your Writing and Who Knows What Will Happen, poet and editor Robert Brewer describes how conquering his fear of sharing his writing helped him to find the love of his life.

His story serves as a great reminder that you never know who might identify with what you have to say.

Whether your writing is personal or not, don’t let self-critical thoughts or fear of judgment stop you from expressing what you want to share with the world. Be proud of your writing, and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate your work.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

So love led me to writing, and writing led me to love. But none of it would’ve been possible if I just kept it all bottled up or hidden away. As writers (even when we don’t know we’re writers), our main job is to write, but it’s also to share.

Robert’s story was featured in the third installment of Get Inspired Mondays, a guest blogger series published on Amanda’s Wrinkled Pages.

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  1. I think this is good advice. Sometimes if we write something personal, we may worried our friends will read it and laugh.

    But I think its best to laugh with them, cause they smiled while reading, and its good to smile. (laughing forces a smile)


  2. Earlier today I went waaay out on my shy limb and posted my post on my Napa day trip on Twitter. My finger was shaking as i pressed the button to tweet it. I was still having doubts about it until I read this. Thanks!


  3. Congratulations for never giving up. Blogging can be a “chore” to some. I feel like you do with the “love” to write and ya never know who might really enjoy what I post. Great advice!


  4. What a lovely story. Sometimes it can be difficult writing things that are personal (how much easier it would be if we knew our friends/family would not read it). But in the end, it can often be quite liberating once we hit the ‘publish’ button.


  5. I feel like I should be creating a bio now.

    Ladies, I am 5’10, like to laugh and the very proud owner of a pair of sneakers. I enjoy breathing, using my eyelids to blimk and chewing my own food.

    On second thought maybe I shouldn’t.


  6. I have been deluged with this topic this week: since I wrote what I couldn’t say, I’ve made some phenomenal contacts with other writing parents… who write about (or don’t write about) the spectrum. Fantastic!


  7. Great motivation to those getting back into or just starting out. Helped me jump back into the public blogging scene after five years away.


  8. This is great inspiration. I remember reading somewhere that, though fear is very powerful, it doesn’t mean it is right. My fear of putting yourself out there kept me from blogging for the last four years. But now I’ve seen how blogging can really build friendship and community. Thanks, WordPress!


  9. This is a good post, you never know who may be reading. Share your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the best thing to do is to do it and apologize later when confronted. Otherwise, you do not know until you do.