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I'm part of Post A Day 2012

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I'm part of Post A Day 2012

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I'm part of Post A Day 2012

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I'm part of Post A Week 2012

<img src="" alt="I'm part of Post A Week 2012" width="274" height="62" />

I'm part of Post A Day 2012

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I'm part of Post A Week 2012

<img src="" alt="I'm part of Post A Week 2012" width="154" height="30" />

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    1. Thank you Joe for liking my badge
      Just a Suggestion i made for our Mother Site I change it soon when the original one is come out the links are here already in my comments if you want the badge for temporary use thanks again 🙂


  1. Ok, Jake, will now head out to your blog, download the image, and use it.. If it’s all okay?! Thanks, before I forget! 😮


    1. Yes Great I love too, No need to go in my site the links are here in my comments thank you for support in my badge 3rdCultureChildren
      You may use it as Temporary like i did 🙂


  2. Hey, thanks for so nice idea of recording and sharing everyday.
    And a little question, where could we get a new badge for the brand new year 2012? 🙂


    1. I’d love to add a button for 2012 as well. I’m off to a good start! Entry a day every day so far!! But I’d love to celebrate that with a button!


  3. I don’t know how to get pride badge, I have tried but dyslexia is getting me down. Now if you sent me an email with easy terms I may be able to get it.


    1. YOUR LIFE.

      Life is precious, so divine
      A privilege, a great gift of time.

      Life is a teacher if we learn
      Bringing brilliance in return.

      Life can be brutal filled with shame
      Life can be lonely and you’re to blame.

      Don’t blame others for what you do
      For the rest of your life it will crucify you.

      Abused and battered, that hate is strong
      Crushing your life, wasting you that is so wrong.

      Blaming others who hurt you is an easy excuse
      In the long run it’s your life not theirs to use.

      Pray to the Lord then walk away
      Open another door to a shining new day.

      You are so precious; the Lord made a unique you
      He did not make factory rubbish, only one of you.

      Many have suffered, poor, hungry, no school or abused
      Overcoming fear, they educated themselves and renewed.

      Your inner critic steals your ego makes you feel like a fool
      Find spiritual adults those who educate and care for you.

      That first hurdle may seem very high to climb.
      If you don’t try or believe, then throw your life away.

      Intellectual knobs may look down at you
      Lacking the emotional insight that makes you.

      A friend took the exam six times to achieve.
      Imagine how she felt each time she failed.

      That determination, is very hard to find
      Knowing you can, no matter how long the time.

      Don’t let a moment seem like a chore,
      This moment will pass and will be no more.

      There is nothing to stop you when your really try
      So start this new chapter now is your turn to fly.

      Written by Susan Oliver.


      1. excellent one!!! the substance is great. it is very sensible and realistic..i am also fond of writing and i really like playing with words, especially the rhymes which is showing great effort and creativity of the writer… hope you’ll be writing more to inspire a lot of people. thanks..


    1. oh for an easy life. Boring you have to be kidding. I am trying to put my picture up on this site.
      One hour the life of a dyslexic. How wonderful if it was this easy.
      Same goes for the badges.


  4. An ounce of equal truth

    One journalist explains what it really means to be a journalist. He said that they are holding the responsibility and credibility on imparting information to people. That in journalism, conveying the truth is very important, for it is where credibility is tested and measured. He is right; words are powerful enough to move a mountain or to cause a volcano eruption that is why being a journalist withholds great responsibility and accountability. I still cannot forget the things he said on one of his articles and I quote, ‘Write because you want to impart true information. Do not write if you will initiate miscommunication’. Again, he is right but there are certain ideas that I am not agreeable with, well maybe it is because we, as humans have different way of thinking and looking at things. For him failure to convey what is the truth to the readers is a writer’s sin, people read in order to be informed not to be captivated by crafty and poetic words. I definitely understand that he is being professional because that is how things are in the world of journalism. However, I write not as a journalist, not only to speak my mind but also to pour out my heart. I write not just to inform but also to express not just my thoughts and emotions but of other people as well, for I believe that people read not only to be informed but also to relate. There are many individuals in the world that has hypersensitive things to tell but have no courage to be exposed. That is why I am writing for them. Others might found it odd but I am neither selfish nor self-centered. I am not into negativities of living in this world but let us face the fact that this world is not a paradise, not because the world is imperfectly created, for God is a magnificent artist, the imperfections are due to our nature as human beings. I think that this is also a very significant truth; facing the reality of life. When people see themselves in my words, they are able to wake up and discover the truth within them. Understanding what is going on in their life and feeling the real emotion in their hearts can help in coping with the current situation they are in. As of the poetic and crafty words, for me they are a part of the art of writing. I agree that substance of an article is more important but it will not hurt to put a little art on your writing because creativity is a gift. I am also aware that for readers to understand the article well it must be clear and simple but it does not mean that using shadowy words is concealing the truth. Others might have easiness and directness with words but it is not always, because they have brilliant minds but can also be because of the shallowness of their thoughts. I am not here to offend anybody, just reveal a different kind of truth. I do not write to initiate miscommunication but make way for an understanding. I am not a journalist nor can I consider myself a qualified writer but still I hope that people will open their hearts not only to reality that is floating on the surface but also to the reality that is beneath the surface. You don’t have to be a journalist to be a good writer for one can be a writer on their on way, you don’t have to be a journalist to impart the truth for one can reveal the reality in many different ways, this might sound a bit peculiar but that is the truth. I admire those journalists for having the courage on devoting to their profession; I know that the risk they are taking is immeasurable that it may even destroy their name in a minute. They can influence and change the beliefs of people and even make an event to happen that can mark the history still they stand for what is right and what is true. However, as what I have said, I write not as a journalist, the one thing that I have in common with the journalists is that I am also taking a risk to convey and impart the truth. I do not exist to make people believe in me and influence their thoughts and behavior towards things; I am here to speak the hearts of those who conceal their own truth. I do not even consider myself credible, I just have my own reasonable grounds to offer and it is still in you if you will believe or not. We all have our own reasons and philosophies in life and no matter how convincing and persuasive an article is, it is still in us if we accept it as true or not. We are granted of free will and freedom of choice, hold on to that and make your own stand, just make sure that you are standing on the right ground.

    By: je guarra


  5. Round of Emotions within the circles of Confusions

    I am bouncing; I have to be alone
    Where do I belong, where’s my home?
    Is it wrong to say what is true?
    To reveal what is real.
    Floating in the air full of doubts,
    Bound with the chain of louts,
    Where is freedom, where I am?
    To go astray is not my dream to be,
    It is to make my stand, make it my own,
    On the contrary, what I got is a night of confusion until dawn.
    I am half-asleep but narrow-minded people are wide-awake,
    Criticizing everything, no matter what it takes.
    Sensitivity is my worst enemy,
    But never did I feel guilty, regret maybe.
    What do they expect, a conventional one or a martyr someone?
    What do they want, a pet or a puppet?
    Will I make it or just let them recreate my state?
    Am I going to choose or let myself lose?
    Shall I follow what I believe or just let my soul be concealed?
    This reeling must end; I do not have to pretend.
    However, a dirty mind can make someone blind.
    It is hard when its understanding you cannot find.
    What is the worth of living when you always give in?
    Still you gain nothing.
    Why can’t they understand that everyone has to make an own stand?
    Where is freedom in this land?
    Why others think that they know what is best?
    When they have their own ill tempers to put at rest?
    What is the real score in this everyday test?
    Why do some people believe that they are always right, when they listen to nothing and no one but their spite?
    They are like a heart without a light.
    Not listening to reasons, giving no options and roaring like lions.
    My heart is loaded; my mind exploded.
    On the ground, crazy words stand.
    I have been grieving and the pain is never ending.
    What is my power to sustain?
    Is there happiness in the world full of tombs?
    What is there in the graveyard of dead spirits and dead hearts?
    Where am I to start? What is my part?
    If only they believed, if only they trusted
    I would never have to grieve.
    Where is life, do I have mine?
    Negative thoughts are spreading everywhere.
    Do I have to endure forever?
    I do not want to cry anymore
    However, tears are overflowing,
    In my eyes, it does not fall but my heart is drowning.
    Everyone has weaknesses, but why do negativities drawn all over me?
    Where is open-mindedness? Is there a room for happiness?
    I cannot change the way I am nor ca I predict what I will become but I can try to be a better someone.
    It is not my fault to have weaknesses inside and now I am getting tired.
    So I write for those who do not believe in me,
    also for everything that I cannot say,
    For the life that I’m losing hold,
    For everything that I have been told,
    For the game, that I never know the rules because I feel like a toolbox without tools,
    And for not having a matter of choice cause bias ideas are such a noise.
    Now look at yourself and let me ask you;
    What is your issue? Are you one of them typically or are you just another me?

    by: je guarra