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  1. Really I am not pessimistic, I love the world and the beautiful things in it, but we as humans know how to ruin it for the rest of us. The fanatics mean work bosses, the aggressors, the gun killers. There is so much more to think about and do but we don’t.

    Devastated countries here one week and forgotten in the minds eye the next Japan , Haiti, New Zealand , Australia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Greece, Syria, Pakistan, S America, all with some kind of hell, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, mining accidents, mud slides, fires, melt downs, wars, fights, famine, hatred.

    All of the above may slide by us on a daily bases, but now our very existence is in dire straights right now. If we do not change our way of thinking and doing things then we are all up a creek without a paddle.

    So there you are on vacation, on the beach and paddling in the sea. Something stings you and in ten minutes you’re dead.
    Maybe you did not know that we have dead zones in our oceans along the coasts of America and around the world. Nothing lives in the dead zones, there is no oxygen, and the water has been polluted the sea by the run off of rain, floods, from the land which comes from the pollutions from the farms and factories near the coast.

    Jelly fish mainly the boxed jelly the most poisonous in the world can and does survive in the dead zones. Fisher men in Portugal had nets full of fish once, now they have nets full of giant jelly fish and a few fish that die from the stings. Jelly fish now have multiplied to the extent that the food in the oceans is vanishing. Meanwhile if we do decided to swim in the sea sharks attack us because of the lack of food they cannot find.
    Some are now swimming up river, and found in the most strangest of places. A seven foot ray was found in a river in Thailand, and small sharks are moving inland.

    We certainly know how to bugger things up.
    Q ‘Have you eaten fish’?
    A ‘Well I remember having some as a child’?

    Susan Oliver.


  2. Meus sentimentos, me doe no meu ser .de uma Nação que eu pessoalmente, mesmo, sendo um desconhecido, tenho muito orgulho por meus Superiores
    serem filhos desta grandiosa nação.

    Saudações, Amiga.
    Susan Oliver.

    É com extremo respeito e admiração , que me dirijo a Sra. para se não pedir muito, a oportunidade de corrigir meu erro.

    Eu tenho sofrido muito esses dias, por meus erros, pois o povo americano
    Tem me acolhido , e me orientando para a mudança , você pertence a uma nação de leis muito rígidas , eu venho de um pais em desenvolvimento ,
    Brasil, e temos fortes relações com os estados Unidos, há muitos anos .

    Amiga, Susan Oliver.
    Eu estou estudando, ainda tenho muitos erros na minha escrita , você é e foi , sempre Será muito mais culta que eu.

    Dar-me o Perdão , para que eu possa redimir meu erro, seu povo são muito gentil comigo e minha nação. e dependemos de seu povo, para nosso Desenvolvimento, e Sobrevivência . eu tenho recebido muitas perguntas,
    relacionadas a figura de meu passado… Hoje não mais …são perguntas muito especificas formuladas por escritores de muitos anos de Níveis de
    Graduação ,e, pós graduados e mais além .

    Eu, no momento não tenho noção como responde-las , Constam técnicas Psicológicas que vão muito além do meu pobre conhecimento em relação
    a eles, creio eu, que em um futuro muito breve , não responderei , pois vão ver em mim um outro ser . com pensamentos relacionados ao futuro, não ao meu passado.

    Amiga ate Então , a minha admiração pelo seu trabalho junto a sua amável Nação, todos Meus amigos escritores Valoriza seu trabalho é muito significante para nós, aprender com você .

    Meus Eminentes Respeito.
    de seu Amigo, eu amo sua escrita.
    É muito transparente aos nossos olhos , me faz ver um futuro melhor.

    Obrigado por você me acolher em meus momentos Sofridos .
    Amiga, dar-me o seu perdão .

    que nosso grande Deus olhe por Você , e familia .


  3. The Pope and the Little Japanese Girl.

    Through Skype the Pope was able to talk to people around the world this Easter.
    One little girl asked why God allowed all the earthquakes and tsunami to happen in Japan and the Pope said he did not know.

    This is my opinion, and I was astounded at his answer. He is the Pope.
    In the beginning there was a war in heaven between Lucifer and God and God threw Lucifer out. God made the earth and it was pristine with everything we needed to live.
    Lucifer was sent to earth where he could reign but never return to heaven. The spirits in heaven were now split and the Lord decided that the only way they could choose between him and Lucifer was to gain a body and live on earth.
    He made Adam who was lonely and from one of Adams ribs he made Eve, and they lived in the Garden of Eden. It was a paradise. God said that they had their own free will, that they must not eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge or else they would be cast out of the Garden of Eden, and the last that they must go forth and multiply. They knew nothing and did not understand. Eve knew that in order to gain knowledge she must eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Had she not taken the fruit we would have no way to return to the Lord in Heaven. They had their free will and both ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge and they were cast out into the world.

    Adam and Eve went out into the world and multiplied. Two of their siblings Cain killed Able and so it began, good and bad. They had many children.

    As human beings we are greedy, envious, hateful, but we also have qualities only the Lord can give those who love and follow him. We were given our own free will. The earth was ours to live and we in are ultimate greed started to destroy the beauty and the animals and the environment, and the air.

    Pollution and toxins made mutant animals with two heads, children without limbs, diseases like cancer, dead zones in the sea that nothing lives except jelly fish that have increased greatly, animals have become extinct, forests are declining, water poisoned from the fertilizers that are sprayed over the crops and wash into the soil and into the rivers. The axel of the earth has changed dramatically and the weather has changed.
    I often wonder if the two atom bombs dropped on Japan made a difference to the fault line and the crust of the earth. As human beings we did not take care of anything we were given. Lucifer was doing a good job here on earth. He even tried to tempt Jesus.

    We like to blame others for things that happen to us especially if we travel the path of uncertainty. I did have a miracle happen to me. I was deathly ill and in pain. The pain was so great that I could hardly take it. People came and prayed over me and gave me a blessing and when they had gone a euphoric feeling of happiness, love and warmth came over me. It was the Lord. He was there and I fell asleep. I was not taking medication and the next day I had an operation.

    We are on earth in a body just like Jesus. He came down gained a body and died so that we may return to him in Heaven if we choose. What has happened in the world is not his fault. It is our fault or maybe it just is.

    We cannot expect everything to come to us on a plate and return to the Lord without effort. There is good and bad and we know the difference. If we choose to disregard this
    And make our own rules just like Hollywood then there are circumstances.

    All religions have guide lines. We have the Ten Commandments. We have our own free will. Inside my Father’s House there are many mansions. This life is very short. Live well and return to the Father that loves and cares for us always.

    Written by Susan Oliver with a little help from above.

    The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – I’ll Say Yes

    The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – I’ll Say Yes


  4. The Birds are back.

    It has been a long hard winter. The cold really got to me this year and after five months of snow wind and bitter cold the thought of April could not come quick enough. The wax wings came in a huge flock and seem to stop on out avenue every year. What a sight that is bustling and flying from branch to branch.

    The blue jays and robins look for a good place to nest and the chickadees sweet chirping fill the house when the window is open. I can even hear them when all the windows are closed. In fact right now, while I am typing they are the song I love to hear.

    Sometimes later in the month when I lie in bed I can hear the flocks of geese fly over head. I have even seen Pelicans of all birds on a lake near my home. One very stupid wood pecker was pecking away on a metal clothes line and making a heck of a noise I had to go outside to see what it was.

    Right now the grass is just showing brown from the melted snow, in a few weeks it will be a foot high, quack grass. Our back garden is no show piece but we are trying to fill it with wild flowers, tempting the hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. We had a chain link fence that everyone could see through so we got white slats to fill in the holes so no one could see the grossness that does come when you are trying to do something that takes a long time.

    We have a lawn mower that just cuts grass without gas or electricity; it is a good work out. I did not think we were all that eco friendly but I guess we are. Every year the phone calls start for the green drop guys to weed and feed the lawn. The very thought of having a lawn that is pristine and grows quickly makes my husband shudder at the thought.

    The apple tree is bare but soon the buds will come and blossoms fill the air with a lovely smell that lasts only a few days when the wind blows. Birds fly around the yard with bits of twigs and string in their mouths. I love this time of year. A new beginning, new life,
    and hope raises up in my soul that our family will be able to cope another year through God’s good Grace.

    Written by Susan Oliver.

    Outdoor Water Fountains


  5. Aqui na América Latina , Cidade de São Paulo, Capinas Brasil.
    Temos tido fortes Ventos , um pouco de frio também , Sol visível ao entardecer diminui um pouco o frio, junto a uma pequena lareira eu
    me acomodo com meu Bicho de estima um Gato por nome de Pluto,
    ele é encantador, uma companhia maravilhosa, ao amanhecer vejo ao
    abrir a janela pelo vidro transparente uma visão extraordinária , muito
    verde orvalhado um longo rio, e muitos pássaros de diversos tamanhos
    e cores, ouvimos seus cantos os mesmo são orquestras para nossos ouvidos
    muitos ainda pequeninos ainda aprendendo a voar pela primeira vez.
    Pluto, um Gato Branco Extraordinariamente Grande, Cabelos bem macios
    pelos quais lhe cobrem os olhos azuis, sua calda escura no inicio e na sua
    continuidade um branco brilhante encantador , bem Provavel raça domestica unica companhia para todos os dias muito Amoroso . eu fiz
    questão de fazer sua morada revestida de veludo por dentro branco e marrom na parte superior , combinando um pouco com sua própria cor,
    Era muito natural minha Interação na Internet, Conciliando Trabalho e
    Cuidados com” Pluto”ele fica o tempo todo ao meu lado , por um período
    de Nove Horas de trabalhos contínuo já era visto o desgaste por minha parte , eu revia um pouco de Café para que fosse posível o complemento
    dos trabalhos , Pluto não era nada amigável com os pássaros , ele se afastava
    no sentido da janela ao lado do sofá , eu sentia que era hora de descanso
    para dar continuidade aos trabalhos no dia seguinte, eu me dirigia à Cama
    após algumas orações eu vinha a adormecer , eu acordei bem já muitos
    pássaros cantando ao redor da casa , meus olhos procuravam Pluto, eu tentava localiza-lo , no Sofá não! no chão não, quando virei para o lado oposto que felicidade ! Aqui estava dormindo levantei lentamente sem
    intenção alguma de incomoda-lo , me dirigi para porta e Pluto me seguia
    aquela paisagem nos convidavam para um passeio, uma caminhada de
    três mil metros não mais; ao chegar as margens do rio pluto inquieto por
    temer a agua. com olhos fixos aos Gansos e Patos grande número , a agua
    muito transparente dava para ver os peixes ao fundo de cores muito variadas, Tamanhos e formas era hora de voltar ao mundo Exterior e ao redor , eu não via Pluto, no meio de milhares de arvores bem verdes de muitos ramos e galhos , eu passo muito tempo trabalhando sentado pois
    caminhar Cinco mil metros me faria muito bem principalmente para exercitar músculos e Nervos , eu tinha que me conectar na certeza que Pluto, voltaria para casa , jamais ele se perderia pois seu sentido é muito
    intenso, eu voltava conectado ao encontro de meus amigos , eu tinha que postar comentários , visitar varias comunidades Sociais , eu acompanho
    muitos postes de meu Instrutor com excelentes temas , e de alguns Escritores com boas instruções na escrita literária , nesta interação eu
    muito tenho aprendido, Eu não tenho a certeza de quanto tempo permanecerei interagindo nesta pagina juntamente com você, escritores
    estudantes , e Amigos diversos , Eu divulgo seus trabalhos , e encoraja-los
    de uma melhor forma mesmo em poucas palavras , para o Leitor siguinifíca muito .e a razão de realizar o que você mais gosta de fazer…

    No Planeta em que você vive, vivem Também seus Pais, seus
    amigos, seus Professores e , em lugares diferentes e distantes , pessoas
    como você com diferenças na cor da pele, nos hábitos e costumes, mas
    com o mesmo objetivo de aprender crescer , e ser Feliz.

    Um ser humano bem educado é capaz de construir a própria história
    e participar ativamente da sociedade, com ética e bom senso.


  6. I think this is a wonderful idea. I already post a full line of dailys for my readers everything from the daily horoscopes to daily influences. But I love the badge and it make a wonderful addition to my blog. Thanks for coming up with this!


  7. Trying to Earn on the Internet
    For those of you out there who have no idea what to do to earn on the internet and have learnt all you know of the computer your self, you may have fallen for the good the bad and the ugly?

    It is like trying to do your own brain surgery with a knife and fork.

    Yes there are many that make millions. The first dozen and the rest work for them. The minute your domain is on the net the phone calls begin, 3.20 pm for me in the afternoon, followed by 6.00 pm. “Want to make a million”, the usual smart mouths.

    Of course I am dyslexic and find it harder and harder to work out what they are trying to say when written on the website and what they want me to do. Communication is lost. One day there will be a bright spark who will come along and realize that the less said the better. Delete is delete and not an epistle according to Yahoo and Google and MSN.

    Yes people can take over your computer site and look right into it that usually is for the folks that are helping you out, but the bad ones can do it too. Yes words you type out are followed just to make sure you are not a bad person.

    Do not spend any money on people who say they will bring people to your site. You can pay thousands and only make hundreds. Learn to do it yourself. You can and maybe it does take awhile but then you remember and write it down in a book. Not on your computer, where people can look.

    I was watching the Big Bang when Penny was making Penny Blossoms for the hair and the guys set up a site on the computer and within an hour they had a sale. It does not happen. Well not in this world.

    Don’t get ripped off. If it is too good then it is not real. Scammers are the insects of the net. Leaches that will suck all your blood. I would say no to everything. Especially if you are just learning to use the computer. Plug it in first!

    Join as many sites as you can, blog sites which will send your blogs off to each other. Keep the passwords in a book and change them all the time so you cannot be followed, in a book. Or glued on to my 2003 huge computer. I just hope this has helped a bit. Now if you are just a boring person and know that your information will just put people to sleep then it is fine to let people see it, but if you are some official and the blogs are juicy then don’t send them out over the net.

    Susan Oliver.



  8. Don’t Rain on my Parade.

    A woman lost a lot of weight and managed to get into a size 6. There are women out there who know what it means to lose 200 pounds, that have spent their lives wanting and needing to lose weight but their will to do so is in a pit of black tar unable to get rid of the life that led them to this.

    So when someone does lose that weight it is really hard work with a few slip ups.
    Now there are the women who are sticks, who look at fat woman with disdain wondering why they dare walk the street that come out their houses looking like that, and do not do something about it. The anal retentive who also have issues of a different kind, who puts her head above all the rest because that is all she sees, herself. Her empathy is for herself, and if she does have children they will be abused verbally for eating an extra slice of toast, or cookie. In fact a woman only fed her baby on low fat milk and it died.

    When I read an email of a woman that had lost a lot of weight one of these people had to write in. This is what she said. “Do you know that a size 6 and a size 8 are different now than they use to be, the manufacturers now supersize to make the people believe they are in a size 6 or a size 8”. SO WHAT! Who cares?
    The very fact that this woman in the magazine worked her but off, no pun intended, another woman of the stick family has ruined a good feeling inside her for what?

    Susan Oliver.



  9. Just started blogging on May 2nd, and one of my friend/followers/pushers ( he pushed me into blogging in the 1st place) told me about the post a day/week thing….this is pretty cool and should def motivate me to post more, so thanks!


  10. I’m sorting of signing up “retrospectively” as looking back, it appears that i’ve been posting at least once a week for a few months.
    Of course now that i’m actually committing to it i’ll probably dry up completely!
    I should warn anyone thinking of looking at it though, that it’s Adult in nature.