Exercise: Need an idea? Try a free write.

Stream-of-consciousness exercises are a great way to overcome one of the hardest parts about writing: getting started.

Free writing is a technique that comes in handy when you’re having trouble choosing a topic to write about, or when you can’t manage to make it past that first sentence or two. It’s also an effective way to combat self-critical thoughts and anxiety about deadlines.

Here’s how it works:

First decide how long you want to free write for, then set a timer. Five to ten minutes is a good start, but feel free to challenge yourself with a longer session.

Ready? Go! Don’t prepare anything — just start writing everything that pops into your head, regardless of how nonsensical or bizarre it is. Don’t even bother with grammar and punctuation — just keep your fingers typing, and don’t stop until the timer goes off. (If you find yourself on a roll, by all means, keep writing!)

The final step? Analyze the results.What sentences catch your attention? Did you find a new way to articulate what’s on your mind? Did you remember something funny or interesting? Did you explore a new perspective on an issue?

Remember that free writes don’t have to generate lots of usable content to be valuable. They’re simply intended to help you generate new ideas, organize your thoughts, and get unstuck.

Here’s a ten-minute exercise to get you started (use your browser’s back button to return to your work after time is up). If you give it a try, let us know how it goes!

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  1. I really loved it. Gonna use it a lot cause when i right a post i never really put much text. Great if you want to stay concentrated on something.


  2. That was interesting … HOWEVER, when my time was up, a blank screen popped up telling me to hit my BACK button to return to the writing page. There was no BACK button (greyed out). I couldn’t get back to what I had spent ten minutes typing. 😦 I even tried the Backspace key – nothing. Gone.


  3. It conked out on me too, but I cheated and used the last 2 seconds to select all and copy, thus the writing (however far from stellar) has survived despite the lack of a back button. I was on Google Chrome, Erica.


  4. This is going to be fun. I hope to meet with some dyslexic’s just like me. Being on a computer takes hours of time trying to decifer what and where to go. Google drove me nuts and Yahoo is close but Microsoft, I live the simply life, we usually do not understand what you are saying ont the site.Let me explain. Yes I can read. But I cannot understand.If my daughter reads it out to me I understand and it is in my brain forever. Now over the years I have talked myself into understanding some things. But the Sheldons of the net have not come to understand that life could be easy if they only showed us instead of tell us what to do, Example:
    click-tools-click-internet options-click- delete cookies.
    Oh well there will be a time when some bright spark will make it easier.


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  6. I met this idea a while ago – it’s quite fun, and very good to do as an occassional exercise, if you lapse in writing regularly.

    I use a website write or die.

    Controls are a little way down the column on the right side – set number of words target, or time target, and severity of chastisement … have fun 😉


  7. Free writing was a bit stressful but it works. Like anything – including art – sometimes it is just the discipline of doing something that brings forth the idea or fruition of an idea.


  8. Ok … it’s a year later and I just discovered this timed exercise 🙂 …. smh … I’m so slow. Tried it and actually discovered where my passion is. I’ve started writing projects and completed them but I always feel like there’s something else I can’t put my finger on. Not sure I’ve actually nailed it yet, but the freewriting helped me focus.
    I liked having that link available. I know that I could just as easily buy an egg timer, or set my microwave, but either one would require me to move outta this chair. 🙂 Sounds lazy? Well yeah … and probably borderline adhd or ocd or something. Because as soon as I leave this chair, I’ll veer off into doing something else.
    Will you have that freewriting exercise link available for people like me who need convenience? If not, how difficult would it be to create a timed exercise like that?

    Thank you for the focus!