It’s not too late to sign up

I know some folks spent new years day considering joining a challenge. After much hemming and hawing, suddenly it was mid January – and they felt the missed the boat. There was much sadness across the lands.

But wait! It’s not too late!

For Post A week, we’re only on week 3 of 2011. You can join, post twice this week, and twice next week, and be all caught up. With all of our great topics so far, that’d be easy to do.

If you’ve been on the fence, or know a friend on a fence, or are currently stuck under or behind a fence, now is the time. Jump in, sign up and get blogging.

If you started with Post A Day, but had a week of panic attacks and gave up days ago, no worries. Post A week might be more your speed. Make the switch, we won’t be mad.  We’re prouder of you than those who didn’t even try anything at all.

Yo can sign up for Post A Week 2011 here, right now.

What you get:

  • Free words! We throw in the punctuation too.
  • The worlds best blogging software, for free!
  • An easy way to be creative once a week
  • Daily post ideas and inspirations for $50 $25 free!

Do it. You know you want to. And if you’re doing it already, you know you want someone else to do it with you. Start here.

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  1. I have loved every minute of this challenge. As the name implies, it HAS challenged me and kept me going. I confess it – I am now a full-fledged blog-writing addict.

    However, one thing has caused me some sadness. For whatever reason, I have missed a total of four days since the start. I was sad because I thought that knocked me out of the competition, but I kept going anyhow. But am I right in thinking now that if I catch up those four days with four new articles, I will be back on track?

    Good work on the inspiration and the caring. It comes across loud and clear 🙂

    Wizards and Ogres and Elves…oh my!


    1. I am definitely with you when you say the blogging challenges you. I choose post a day and I find myself utilising my time wisely so that I can keep up with this challenge. Very happy that I did this challenge. No challenge has entertained me for so long! 😀


  2. I recommend anyone who is still undecided about this to give it a go. Before I started the challenge, my posts were very sporadic. So far I have managed to post every day for the last two weeks and I haven’t had too much trouble doing so. Even if you do find that post-a-day/week is not for you, no one is forcing you to keep going for a whole year. There is no harm in giving it a go!


  3. QUESTION: I have seen “Post a Day” badges on some bloggers’ sites, and so I wondered if there is a “Post a Week” badge that we weaker weeklies can slap onto our sites. Hm?


      1. That would be great! Easier to identify the participants instead of looking to see if they are using the tags. I’ve really been enjoying the Challenge! 🙂


      2. I haven’t used any badges on my baby-blog yet, but I would love a Post a Day badge to be my first! Perhaps some instructions on how to do that would be helpful for some??


  4. I thank you for tossing in the free punctuation along with all those lovely free words. The words don’t make much sense by themselves. Y’all have thought of everything!


  5. I picked the postaweek challenge because it is easier for me to say I would post once a week and if I post more, it is ice cream! LOL


  6. When I first began to publish posts on my blog Permaculture for dummies (on April 28th, 2010), I made plans to write every day. But it didn˙t work out that way; one of the reasons was that I had some doubts – why I am doing this? What˙s the purpose of writing for free, sharing my thoughts and findings with strangers? But then I received some sincere positive feedbacks and noticed, that my ratings are getting higher. Since january 1st I already published 9 posts (my goal is 2 – 3 posts a week) and ratings are higher than ever. Today a friend called me and told me that if one enters the word “permakultura” (i.e.permaculture in Slovene language) into, my blog shows up on second place! Right after wikipedia! What a great feeling. Thank you, Scott (and everybody else who look after bloggers at wordpress) for your ideas and efforts.


  7. I’ve signed up for post a week, but my goal is to post every other day, but If I don’t make it I can stick with once a week. But so far so good!

    Come over and say Hi!!!


  8. Three weeks! It has been pretty challenging. I’ve already cheated I’m afraid, with both posting in the future and in the past. I do have a post out for each day though, and I never would have written so much were it not for the challenge. 🙂


    1. That’s not cheating at all – you have to average a post a day, and you can be as smart about that as you like (I’d even give anyone crazy enough to post 365 things on a single day an honorable mention)


  9. Kept up with post a day so far, it’s good fun. 🙂 (My blog’s all drawing and little writing, but still. :P)


  10. So true, never too late for good things. I seek silent inspiration from this blog. Trying post-a-day thing. Wishing all the challengers the very best, it’s fun, enjoy it


  11. I agree with everyone here before signing up for the post a day challenge it could sometimes be 3-4 days between a post, and now I have at least 1 post a day, sometimes even more than 1.

    Setting this goal has definitely helped me improve my writing.


  12. I’m a month late, but I’ve only just discovered that this even exists…otherwise I would have joined from the start. I have been blogging every day this year so far anyway, just not on wordpress and recently I’ve become slack.

    Excited to get started on post a day…will be starting from February with a couple of posts relating to January prompts.


  13. I’ve posted every day. I don’t necessarily use the topic suggestions.

    The thing is, I have a wordpress dot org-blog. I would love for someone here at WordPress to explain where to post the link to today’s post. Since, as I said, it’s a self-hosted blog, it won’t appear in the links section here, even though I tag each post with ‘postaday2011’.

    There must be oodles of people here with self-hosted blogs?!