Easily distracted? Having trouble getting motivated? Go silent!

Post a Day participant Olivia is the organizer of the Silent Writers Collective weekly retreat, designed to help writers combat distractions, procrastination, and lack of motivation.

The group meets up each Tuesday night at 9 p.m. via Twitter, and goes silent to write for one uninterrupted hour.

By committing to a group effort, (think Weight Watchers or NaNoWriMo) many writers find it’s easier to stay motivated and reach goals.  Writing, as we’ve heard ad nauseum, is a solitary endeavor, but sharing our efforts with a group makes it easier, and can help us reach our writing goals.

We’re not a critique group, we’re not limited by genre, education, experience, or skill. We just get together to write.

Learn more about the Silent Writers Collective here.

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  1. I have join Silent Writers Collective on Facebook. I have bad grammar and sometimes lack motivation when trying to write. I have started a blog on WordPress and am hoping to make a post everyday.


    1. The beauty of a Silent Writer retreat is that it doesn’t matter what your skill level is or what you write. You’re simply committing time to writing and by doing that, your writing will improve.


  2. Dear Post A Day (or Scott or Erica) Thanks so much for posting this! The Silent Writers retreat has been very helpful to many writers who have a hard time fighting distractions, procrastination, Facebook or any of the myriad things that keep us from our writing. For those who don’t use Twitter (tsk, tsk), we have a facebook group, too. Contact me with any questions. We meet at 9 pm Eastern AND Pacific (US). ~Olivia


    1. I was reading your website (when you got FP’d, if I remember correctly :D) and it said something about local groups (I think…).

      Where do you meet? Is it just one state, or do you have write-in groups spread out? This sounds interesting.


  3. WTG Olivia. I’m glad you’re getting some recognition. As a regular reader of my blog, and mine of yours AND the facebook group, I’m really pleased for you.


  4. Silent as the grave said Ebenezer Scrooge in Christmas Carol. Or is it Silence is Golden a better analogy? sometimes silence carries more weight than words.
    Sometimes it is a few chosen words that carries more! Which are you!?


  5. Great idea. Similar to what some of my hip hop MC friends do. Get together and work on pieces and after a while do presentations to each other mixed in with some freestyle lyrics. Its a great way to get collective imagination involved or just to get inspired by the fact that there are other people doing what you are near by. I’m not sure how it would work in an online nevironment, but if thats what you do i can’t see it not helping. Great idea


  6. Anything that involves silence I am down for. Hehe. Even when I tweet a lot I am alone in a silent room listening to the wind. Sorry, unapologetic introvert here. Hehe.

    I will check this group out.


  7. a lot of us do get bored often.. it would be great if we could talk to someone about it.. if we could be assigned “partners” or something.. you know-paired up with someone else.. it would feel good to talk about it.. to someone going through the same ting.. just a suggestion.. 🙂


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