Topic: Does everything happen for a reason?

Topic #17

Here’s today’s topic idea:

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?

Reminder: Do not answer this in the comments. That would be very silly. You should grab this topic and write a post about it on your blog.

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  1. Hmmm? Is there a reason why we get certian post suggestions on such and such a day? Is there a master plan behind it all, and what happens to that plan on January 1st, 2012? Is there a reason why I am thinking outloud right now? Hmmm?


  2. This is the first post topic that I really like/find value in. Maybe because it may scope beyond the “I” experience into a “we” or “they” experience for a blog post. I already posted my posts for today so I won’t do this one but I’ll be glad to see what people write and if it scopes beyond the “personal” journal feel. Should be interesting.


  3. Nope!!! it does have something to do with Energies though, and the Universe.
    Some say it is calculations others you were just in the wrong place @ the wrong time, good or bad! Who can you believe? that little inner voice saying okay, you can do it! What’s it going to hurt?


  4. Hmm, as “coincidence” would have it, this suggestion fits in with what I posted last night…did someone make me post a pre-emptive answer to a question before being asked? Arghhhh, my head hurts!!!
    Check “What’s your imaginary friend telling you?” in my blog for more.



  5. I remain very silly. The answer is: it depends on my mood. When I’m feeling mystical and expansive, oh my yes, everything happens for a reason. When I’m all cold and scientific and icy and stuff, then no. I’m just miraculously lucky, is all.


  6. If you can detach you from yourself, and look at situations objectively and recognize patterns that were not so obvious at first: You could come to only one conclusion – Yes. Hope someone does a scientific study on this topic. This is a Good topic.

    Destination Infinity


  7. I’m asking this question myself. I’ve just fallen out with my best friend of many years and it’s like an arrow through the heart. Her new BF has changed her, but I’m praying that she returns to her normal-self.


  8. I don’t know if everything happens for a reason but I have a question:
    Does it have to be a reason for something to happen?

    Have a great Monday and a joyful holiday!


  9. sometimes I think’s too long and mystic.So I decided to write another’s about a comic memory.


  10. I have fought with this ideal for a great deal of my life!!! Even as a child I questioned this! Looking back I have had times when I thought oh ok it’s TRUE!!! Now I’m back to square one!!!