Topic: What are you looking forward to?

Topic #13  (just 352 to go).

These topics are optional – if you don’t like ’em, don’t use ’em. Feel free to post something else, or explain why you don’t like this topic as your topic. It’s all good.

Here’s today’s topic idea – brought to you by Plinky:

What are you looking forward to this year?

If this suggestion doesn’t fit your blog’s general topic (e.g. Your blog is about complete and utter dread for all of 2011) that’s ok. Simply apply the question by adding or changing some words.

Reminder: Do not answer this in the comments. That would be very silly. You should grab this topic and write a post about it on your blog.

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  1. Law Enforcement is never around when you need them, why were their no cops at Representative Giffords meeting saturday?

    The more law abiding citizens that are armed the less likely people are going to be gunned down in our streets…

    If your are a law abiding citizen, with no felonies or other convictions such as Assault or Sex Offender…

    Apply for a concealed carry permit at your local police department, unless your in one of 3 states that does not require one.

    Then go buy a gun… Take a gun safety course, know the fireams guidelines for your state and practice, practice, practice.

    Its the duty of all Americans to ensure our streets are safe, not just public safety officials or your local or federal government, we know they cannot be depended upon.


  2. Hoje estou preocupada com o descaso dos nossos governantes desse Paiz.
    Até quando veremos acontecer tantas mortes,e desgraças do nosso povo que luta tanto. E os impostos que pagamos para que servem? Estou revoltada de assistir tanta desgraça,e os politicos põe a culpa em São Pedro.
    Isso porque nada fazem de bom!!!! E a cada ano só piora.


  3. I would really like it if our postaday2011 topics could allow for a bit more creativity. And maybe be a bit less narcissistic. So far they don’t really fit all that well with the theme of my blog, which is creative poetry/prose.


    1. What I do is just post what I want for the time being…which is poetry! I do have a link to the post topics though and I’m SURE I’m gonna get tired of writing poetry!


  4. I’m actually a fan of this one…works well with the new years resolution blog i posed last week…will likely write on it tomorrow since I already posted today.


  5. I’m foolish! I’ll talk about what I’m looking forward to in the comments!

    I look forward to:

    1. Purging my home of all excess belongings. ZAPPO!
    2. Spying on my neighbors and judging them.
    3. Charming the vulnerable and then doing nothing dastardly to them.

    4. Nothing dastardly at all.


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