Topic: Write about something you’ve never told

Topic #12  (just 353 to go).

These topics are optional – if you don’t like ’em, don’t use ’em. Feel free to post something else, or explain why you don’t like this topic as your topic. It’s all good.

Here’s today’s topic idea – brought to you by the Darkstarburning blog from the Netherlands, and her comment on yesterday’s topic suggestion post:

Write about one thing you’ve never told anyone and explain why

If this suggestion doesn’t fit your blog’s general topic (e.g. Your blog is about complete disclosure of everything all the time) that’s ok. Simply apply the question by adding or changing some words (What’s a kind of secret in your field and why don’t people share it?).

Reminder: Do not answer this in the comments. That would be very silly. You should grab this topic and write a post about it on your blo

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  1. This one is tough, I like it. I’ll have to think about it for a bit though, maybe read a few posts by others.


    1. Caroline: A little creativity can make this not very scary at all. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic personal secret. It could be an observation you’ve had, a thing you saw this morning on your way to work, a favorite TV show you had as a child that you haven’t spoken about in a decade… there are lots of very safe and fairly easy things that fit into the topic if you think about it.


    1. I’m just hoping I don’t get hate mail lol When I suggested it I wasn’t thinking about huge life-changing secrets ( unless doing so will act as some sort of therapy – I’ve done that before ) but maybe something embarrassing you did or said? I’m always laughing at myself and don’t mind looking a bit silly. If I can make someone else laugh just by them reading about it, result! 🙂


  2. I don’t know if you read my previous post on my blog, Scott. I mentioned the time difference. You post earlier than before, I feel. Thanks.
    But I need to think over for this topic 🙂 It’s fun but tough. I’ll go to bed first and post in the afternoon.


  3. Not quite a thing I have never told before, but it certainly is a category I have not blogged on before! 🙂 While the original suggestion is fun, to apply it in whatever kind of stuff you’re writing is a bit hard… plus I kinda plan what I wanna write a day before or maybe save an idea for later..


  4. Before blogs, there was a concept called opendiary in the Internet. Not sure if it still exists. So, I went and wrote something there only to find that three of my friends were following it! Now, a lot of people know my blog address :O

    Destination Infinity


  5. Puxa que vida!!!! eu nunca sei o que escrever aqui, porque será?
    Vou falar de um filme que me marcou muito Pássaros Feridos, alguém se lembra?
    Abraços a todos


  6. hahaha.. if i do have something i’ve never told anyone, i certainly will not write it in a blog.. lol..


  7. Scary topic. Last week, I thought I’d done it. I was mortified. How could I write that for all to see? Why? Writing, in it’s truest sense, is incredibly intimate no what the genre is…if you’re willing to reveal truths that live inside you, truths that have been secrets for an eternity. Oh, I wanted to write about this strange sexual experience, but Mr. Punk, my General Manager in charge of Risk would not allow it. Too many secrets revealed. Finally I disobeyed Mr. GM. I had to ask myself, “Who cares?”

    So I wrote the story about Kim Napravnik and our leap into the canyon. Admittedly, she pushed me over the edge. Anyway, I will post it at my new site and then sweat again for a week. But right now, it’s Eunice. This is a person I have vehemently hated for three years. I continue to believe I have good reason to hate her. Something strange happened, however. She subscribed to my blog…briefly. I assumed she simply visited to gather information in her quest to destroy me.

    “Eunice, is that the reason? I suppose it doesn’t matter. I understand something now…something new, strange, frightening, electrictrifying…I am in love with you. All of the trouble I instigated on a daily basis wasn’t for nothing. Each time I rocked the big boat…your boat, I gained admission to your office. Just me and you. And I remember clearly the sensation I had whenever I made you laugh. When you laughed, I felt as if I’d known you for centuries.”

    “Eunice…Eunice…Eunice…you’re one tough Bronx bitch; the way you reacted when I looked you in the eye when I told you flat out that you were full of shit.”

    “I love you. What the fuck do I do I do I do nowwwwww?” There it is. It’s out. I hate the woman I love to hate. I love the woman I hate to love. Well fuck me! Hell, I know you won’t.

    Are you alright?
    All of a sudden you went away,
    I sure hope you come bac k around some someday,
    Are you alright,
    Cause it seems like you disappeared,
    Are you alright?
    Are you sleeping through the night?
    Do have someone to hold you tight?
    Do have someone to hug and and kiss and you?
    Are you alright?

    Uh oh…here comes the guy upstairs.

    I love you Mama you sweet,
    With an ocean in my spirits,
    And these scars on my lips,
    An ocean says I’m cryin’now,
    Tryin’ to find a way out,
    Secrets hold on,
    Till they finally give in,
    And this pain in my heart,
    It’s like the scars on my lips,
    And this burden in my hips,
    I love you Mama you sweet

    Play loud enough and Lucinda Williams melts you. Occasionally she abandons the rasp for the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard.

    “Yes, I love you too, Lucy.”

    Bad ass tough guy. Always in tears when he listens to this – “West”
    L. Williams
    Can’t see through the tears to write now.


  8. Between Twitter, Facebook and years of Livejournal, I don’t think there’s much left that people don’t know about me. It’s also entirely possible I’ve forgotten who I told what to and I can no longer keep my stories straight.

    I give you “Virtual social anxiety.” It’s a bunch of stuff about the topic I may or may not have told anyone.