Smart new years resolutions

Doing the Post A Day or Post A Week challenge is a new years resolution for many of you. And we’d be remiss here at The Daily Post if we didn’t point at some good tools and advice:

  • – An easy to use tool for setting goals, making friends with others who have the same goal, and tracking progress. If someone sets up a group for PostADay, let me know.
  • New year’s resolutions that work – I’ve studied the psychology of resolutions, and here’s a short post on tactics that help. (Post a Day and Post A Week are based on the idea of divide and conquer)
  • Health Month – If you have health related resolutions, give HM a spin. It’s based on the latest techniques in game theory – using points and visible rewards to increase the odds you’ll meet your own goals.

If you have ideas for other things we can do here to keep you on track for Post a Day / Week, leave a comment. We’ll keep it in mind.

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  1. Me and my friend Kate started blogging yesterday, setting up wordpress accounts and agreeing to help motivate each other. We’re going for the postaweek2011 :). I’m doing fictional stories, and she’s doing prompts.

    We both did posts about our 2010 year, and our goals and hopes for achievements for 2011. We both did not set resolutions, as it seems to be they’re meant to be broken and seem unrealistic. But, goals, they can be meant and can be long term. Goals are simple as dedicating more time to read, beat my achievement last year of reading x amount of novels, with more this year.

    Why not dodge resolutions if you make a post about it, and make a post about your last achievements for 2010 and what you hope to achieve in 2011 and your goals for it. This makes it seem more realistic to me.

    Good luck folks!


  2. I’m not sure… which ever way you dress up a “new year’s resolutions” list, I still think it’s a stale idea (after all these years of making resolutions -Lol). I’ll skip this one, and wait for the next inspiration. 🙂 I appreciate the gesture though… Lol…


  3. My suggestion for New Years Resolutions was to resolve NOT to do things! Our lives are already too full and when we pile new resolutions on top of everything then its always the new habits that are the first to go – so take stuff out first 🙂


  4. Olá Pessoal, eu não escrevo todos os dias, mas escrevo no meu blog:
    Confira para 2011, tenho metas de crescer bastante e conseguir editar o meu segundo livro, o díficil é conseguir patrocínio? Quem puder ajudar agradeço muito!
    Abraços Mina!!!!


  5. I am down for the blog cause. There are a myriad of topics like how to write your way to success or freedom. Staying fit and poems that inspire.


  6. I didn’t read this as a hint to blog about resolutions, but rather providing hints on how to keep the resolutions already made: to blog one a day or once a week.

    Guess you are all on your own today – to determine a topic! 🙂
    I’ll look forward to seeing a wide variety of topics in the morning when I wake up!


  7. Health Month is awesome. You can choose to make blogging one of your “rules” for the month, and it helps to keep you motivated to keep writing.


  8. Hi,
    Helping to motivate others is a great way to keep the postaday/week going.

    I am taking time out each day, to read their posts and leave a comment by way of encouragement. As a new blogger I know how excited I feel when someone takes the time and effort to read and make thoughtful comments.

    Thanks to postaday I’ve discovered some really great blogs covering a whole range of topics which under normal circumstances would not have been on my radar. It has really opened my mind to lots of interesting ideas and discussions plus the opportunity to tune in with people around the world. I have subscribed to these blogs and am now gradually adding to my blog links. Hopefully, this will encourage others to read them.

    Sometimes, it’s not so much about what you can take from a challenge but also what you can give as well.

    I’d really also like to subscribe to some more wordpress blogs whose interests also include, cookery and gardening. If anyone can share links to these blogs…please let me know. I want to cook one new recipe every week from various peoples blogs and then write about them…and of course link back to the blog by way of recognition.

    Happy Posting 🙂
    Kind regards


      1. Hi Classyrose…you are one of the blogs I have added to my blog and subscribed to 🙂 Will be along later to read your dailypost…need to do some gardening now. Mr P says I spend far to much time on this PC… 🙂


    1. Piglet, do the following two searches in, You will like the results

      wordpress challenge

      wordpress challenge postaday postaweek

      After your gardening is done!


    2. I thought you would like, after I sent that I played around with the words and you were often listed #1.

      Not bad for Day 6 of the Challenge.

      Way to go!!


  9. When it comes to New Year Resolutions, I made this one years ago and I still use it today. I don’t make New Years Resolutions. Why make something you know you are going to break.


  10. I don’t have the stamina for NYRs, I get to February and tend to forget what I was thinking at the start of the year.

    Maybe I should think about monthly goals to achieve instead and motivate myself that way.

    Starting, of course with “remember to do the postaweek2011” each week and try not to ramble on about nothing in my blog! 😆 Also, read and comment more isntead of being shy 🙂


  11. I’m really enjoying the challenges. I quit blogging mid-last year and deleted my blogs. I’d been blogging off and on since 2005, I didn’t realize what a big part of my life it was. I missed posting my thoughts and nonsense so much that I wanted to start back and make blogging apart of my life again.
    The 2011challenges you have were just the right inspiration to help me get going. Thanks 🙂

    I think you’re all doing a fabulous job keeping the encouragement & suggestions flowing to keep us inspired.
    I admire all the hard work, friendliness and efforts.
    Thanks so much for helping me have a more cheerful and enjoyable re-start back into blogging.
    ~applause to you & all the wordpress staff~

    postaweek2011 – Enjoying Crafting – I post alot in this blog, sometimes several times a day.
    postaday2011 – My Blog A Day 2011 – So far I post only once a day in this blog, that could change over time.


  12. Thanks, those are nice suggestions!
    I have just posted my first post after joining the post a week challenge.
    So far so good.
    This week’s post is about a PHP script I wrote to simplify the interface for calculating best way to go around Milan with public transportation (on atm-mi web site).
    I hope to post regularly because being organized about posting also helps me be more organized about coding and learning.
    Good work, everyone!


  13. No comment yet.

    Loving the daily attention. I’m in the middle of writing a script and I’ve missed so many deadlines, it’s not funny.

    So I’m using you as my time keepers. And enjoying it! The intention is to write at least two pages of script a day AFTER blogging so that by the end of the year I have at least 300 posts to my blog AND my script in final draft.

    Intention I said. You know how it is with writing!

    Anyway, so far so good, and I AM finding the daily attention incredibly useful. Let’s see what happens with the blog eh?


  14. I’m not a resolutions kind of person. Or at least I don’t dress them up as resolutions but more like realistic changes for the better. 😉

    I’m loving PostaDay though! I love writing and 2010 saw me do little of it due to lack of time, so far no matter how tired or how close to midnight it’s been I’ve managed to still make a post for that day. I hope to keep it up!