Fresh list of topic ideas

Over at Dana Creative, they’re running a 30 day blogging challenge.  Which is cool  – they’re kindred spirits to our Post a Day and Post a Week challenges.

They’ve put together a list for January of topic ideas. If you get stuck, or don’t like the ones we’re posting daily here take a look at their list. Here’s a sample:

  • Something you’re looking forward to this year.
  • Something you regret not having done last year.
  • Something with which you struggle.
  • Something that is part of your routine that you enjoy.
  • Something in life that gives you balance.

Head over to 30 day challenge for the full list.  And if you see topics you like, leave them a comment to let them know you were there.

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  1. Great topic ideas. I find that the humor of daily life or things that happen on social media can be great interim topics while more complex issues that I have been thinking about for a while end up as my longer, more researched topics.


  2. Subiectele sunt interesante;idei bune dar blogul meu este cu iz personal,nu ies din tipar.totusi iti multumesc ,am si incercat sa postez acolo dar imi apare…..tush..


  3. I just want to add my appreciation to all the comments that have said “I like what you’re doing here.” I took a creative writing course many decades ago, but didn’t perform well (actually I got an A, but I entirely missed the teaching aspect). You could call your suggestions above creative writing 101. Good job! Also, I would like to thank the tech department for getting the bug out of that which kept my blog from appearing in the list of those blogs that are appearing in the list of blogaday2011 postings. The tech people tell me that tomorrow my blog will appear in that list. Thanks to all!


  4. What is part of my routine today?
    I get up make some coffie and take my beautiful Hayliegh girl out to do her thing and then we come back in a read our spiritual readings to start out day.
    She sends a woof out to wordpress!


  5. Thanks! Interesting and inspiring! Admitting my blog is about my Second Life and it’s all about my avatar’s adventures in a virtual world, but this whole postaday challenge makes me considering starting a second blog, about my real life…oooeff…that’s gonna be tough: 2 posts a day?


  6. WOW! Thank you so much for the mention and for encouraging others to visit our site. We are truly humbled and thrilled! The feedback has even lead to some great ideas for doing another list for February that would focus on first person plural (What can WE do to better ).

    Once again, our deepest and sincerest thanks for the mention.
    -Gil / danaCreative


  7. It would be helpful if we could find a list of questions so that we could schedule or replies. I do much of my blog work at night and don’t always have time to log in to read emails during the day.

    I guess I could post on any topic, but I like the challenge of weaving my thoughts into the topic.

    Just a suggestion.

    Staying strong and committed.


  8. Thanks, buddy. I’ve struggled to post the first point, “a href=””>things I look forward this year.