Topic: Share something that makes you smile

Topic #4  (just 361 to go).

These topics are entirely optional – if you don’t like it, that’s cool. Post something else. Or explain why you don’t like this topic as your topic. It’s all good.

Here’s today’s topic idea – brought to you by Plinky:

Share something that makes you smile. (Can be a photo, an idea, a memory – anything that comes to mind).

If this suggestion doesn’t fit your blog’s general topic (e.g. Your blog is about the air speed velocity of unladen hyperactive swallows), that’s ok. Simply apply the question to your topic, by adding or changing some words.

(Reminder: Do not answer this in the comments. That would be very silly. You should grab this topic and write a post about it on your blog).

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  1. What makes me smile is my Hayliegh girl (service dog) she is an Amercian Black Cocker spaniel and is now 11 yrs of age. We are like siamese twins she has to do just about everyting i do. Since she cannot type she is supervising!

    Today, I woke up w/ an over all feeling of fibro pain. My neck muscles ache causing some nuasea and a low grade headache. Praying about what to do next as I am having an overwheliming feeling of fear running through my body eight now. On the positive side I focus on what can I do today.


  2. I have registered for postaday2011 and have tagged 3 posts but am unable to find them in the list of posts for the 365 day challenge. Is there a problem?


  3. Just returned from a week vacation at Nanaimo in Vancouver Island, !!!!!What a wonderful experience!!!!!. Had the opportunity to visit Tofino on the Pacific Side of the Island.


    1. “(Reminder: Do not answer this in the comments. That would be very silly. You should grab this topic and write a post about it on your blog).” – Or what were you trying to do?


  4. Keep the ideas coming! I’m behind a post already! But this is going to be a post topic which I will be writing about tomorrow, while on the bus to work! I posted a recipe for bread and butter pudding because…well, I simply had to share it! 🙂


      1. Hi Johanna! I looked at the recipe and it’s in German. The first thing I understood was Kartoffeln which I know means potato (I knew taking German as a language elective in Uni would come in handy one day!). I’ve copied the recipe and sent it to my dad so he can translate (he teaches German :)!). Anything with potato is a good recipe to try. I’ll let you know how I get on! 🙂


  5. This challenge was a wonderful idea, I have to say. I had my blog for 4 months and the last few days been far more productive than last 3 months. 🙂 Even worked out how to post pictures. 😀


  6. Au Contraire,
    I never care so much. I prefer posting things that will evoke a reaction from my readers!! Also, if my posts are lengthy, i expect try to pepper it with pictures and the more random, the more is the curiosity aroused, see? 😉


  7. Just joined the Post a Week project today. It falls nicely in line with the Year of Jewlery Project that I am participating in as well. Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate the focus that it will bring to my blog as well as the inspiration.


  8. This is a nice sugestion for a post! Do I have to post something that makes me smile today o can I use this suggestion for another day? 🙂


  9. Can I just ask a question?

    So far none of these subjects are my kind of thing, so I posted other stuff relevant to me and my interests.

    However, do you still want me to tag each of my posts with the ‘PostAWeek’ tag? Just wondered if it mattered as you guys are monitoring this.

    – Phil


  10. Excellent challenge/goal for the rest-of-us (the non-professional bloggers).
    So……what’s the prize? How about: Money; a Laptop, MP4, Software, etc.?