Two big tips: Press This and WP mobile

As you come up with your plan for blogging more, there are two important tips that will make frequent blogging easier: Press this and Mobile.

Press this: When you read something online that inspires you, or you want to respond to in your own post, Press This makes it easy. It’s a little button you can add to your browser, and when you press it, it creates a new post on your blog that you can edit, with a link to the page you were reading. Go here to get started.

WordPress for Mobile: If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone 7, or Nokia phone, you can blog at any time, from anywhere, on your mobile device.  Details for installing WordPress on your phone are here.  Now anytime you have an idea, whether at home, at work, or somewhere in between, in just minutes you can be writing or taking pictures and publishing.

These two tips go a long way to dropping the barriers for creating. Check them out.

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  1. As interesting as this is, what’s up with the keyboard featured as your masthead? The Z and Y swapped so that there is no QWERTY. Is this a Photoshopped thing? Or if for real keyboard, wondering what typewriter? THX.


  2. I am a stay at home crafter/quilter person. I turned 18, married and contracted polio. I had a difficult time adjusting. When I was 20 my son was born. Then I took up sewing/quilting that I had learned from my mother, I started sewing and helping mom with making new quilts and repairing some that was my grandmothers. The ones that had some tattered block, we replaced them with new ones in applique.
    I made my first dress when I was 8 yrs old all by myself, mom let me wear it to school.