From Sawdust to Success With

How one of our customers built an online store for her woodworking creations.

Jolie Karno will be the first person to admit that she’s not technologically literate. As a wood-turner in Oakland, California, she works with her hands day in and day out and doesn’t want to spend hours fiddling with a website.

Of course Jolie needs to make a living, though, so she wanted a website to sell her custom-made wood products. The thought of building out a full e-commerce website was so daunting that she struggled to find a way to get started. Until she learned that offers easily customizable templates and 24/7 support.

With the help of our incredible Happiness Engineers, she was able to get her online store launched, which makes her creations shine. Take a look for yourself at

After you’ve watched the video, visit or click below to learn more and get an exclusive 25% off coupon.

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  1. Gladys Malachi

    Nice one

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  2. tampete

    well done Jolie, fabulous products and wishing you every success

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  3. kolniks4real

    This is good!

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  4. Vincent Gardner


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  5. wendyjeanthompsongmailcom

    A very interesting read and I liked how you described it: powerful. Wendy T

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  6. christabel boniface

    Nice work

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  7. Abdul Ahad


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  8. Felicity Foxcraft

    Such a wonderful story

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  9. Odette

    Good job!

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  10. website gebre

    Wow it’s nice website

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  11. Sentimental Journeys

    Nice job.

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  12. kailytodd29

    It is such a wonderful story

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  13. rajkumarrajofficial

    Very beautiful ❤️

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  14. USikander

    Excellent story and wonderful showcase of power of blogging!

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  15. bryantcg80

    Awesome job!

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    Nice job 💯

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    Good work 👍

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    Nice job

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  19. Ramey

    Well done!

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  20. SocialContent_gigs

    That’s awesome!

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  21. bsmalley2013

    Very neat!!!

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  22. Dee

    Very crafty! My mom used to craft wood. Brings back memories. Wishing you a heartfelt long journey.

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  23. tecnologiaprojeto

    Very Good!


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    Amazing and insightful 💯

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