Influence the Future of WordPress by Taking the 2023 Annual Survey Today

Take the 2023 WordPress survey to provide valuable input for the project’s future.

Each year, the WordPress community—users, site builders, contributors, and more—gives valuable feedback through an annual survey. Note: this questionnaire is provided by the WordPress project, not by (Learn more about that distinction here.)

The results can influence the direction of the WordPress project by identifying areas that need attention, as well as helping track trends over time. This survey helps those who build WordPress—including our engineers here at—understand more about how the software is used and by whom.

To ensure your WordPress experience gets represented in the 2023 survey results, take the survey now.

The survey will be open for five weeks. Results will be published on the WordPress News blog in early December.

Please help spread the word about the survey by sharing it with your network. The more people who complete the survey and share their experience with WordPress, the more the project will benefit.

Thank you in advance for your valuable input on the future of WordPress!

A note about security and privacy

Data security and privacy are paramount to the WordPress project and community. With this in mind, all data will be anonymized: no email addresses or IP addresses will be associated with published results. To learn more about’s privacy practices, view the privacy policy.

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  1. Ana Daksina

    Something not asked about in the survey is my number one reason for being a dedicated WordPress user ~ its dignity.

    As a writer of classical poetry, the last thing my work needs is to be presented with the cutesy distracting bells, whistles and gimmicks of other public platforms.

    I’m happy to have a place in which to share it with grace and charm.

    Ana Daksina
    Troubador of Verse

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  2. SusanR

    I’ve been on WordPress for 18-20 (?) years. Occasionally I look for a better/different/easier platform, but nothing else offers as many design options. However, the constant WP changes, additions (“improvements”) have become increasingly difficult for me to understand/keep up with. I’m now 80 years old. New stuff is getting harder to learn. Lots of my older posts are just flat out broken because of all the changes. The switch to block editing has just about done me in. I love playing with page design and presentation (worked in publishing for 30 years) and like an occasional change just to keep things fresh. But I’m pretty well stuck now. I’ve yet to fully learn/understand my current theme (Saga), although I’ve been using it since March 2022, and I’m afraid that any theme change I attempt now will just break everything.

    Please don’t forget us little guys, the bloggers, who use So much of what you do now seems geared for businesses and commercial clients. Yes, I have a business plan, but I paid for it only to have the back-up protection and to keep my entire content from appearing on the Reader. There’s no point in working for hours to create a nice presentation when Reader users can read it all on the Reader.

    I guess that’s the end of my rant. Just remember we little bloggers were your bread-and-butter once upon a time.

    SusanR / windwhistle / PiedType

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  3. clarkgriffith

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  4. Ebrahim Javaheri

    What right do you have to steal thousands of dollars of my money in the form of prizes and cards? I will complain to you and I will be punished and take everything back

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  5. Romaungmingshwejr


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  6. nnabimahmud

    My name is Mahmudunnabi form Bangladesh educational background high school board of Bangladesh i have 5 years experience farm and agriculture in Bangladesh can you help me aj

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  7. Titaconstantin

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  8. elizabethllanos858

    I will be responding more often than usually

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  9. wilainiai

    Labas vakaras 😉😉

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  10. srinivasan narayanan


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  11. clararidings

    Thank you for this opportunity! Where do we get to the survey?

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  12. priveraprentice

    Got as far as country of residence. Puerto Rico wasn’t listed.

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  13. priveraprentice

    Done. I used supernovia’s link to access it.

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  14. roy atkison

    That’d be funny if it mattered .

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  15. petermch1ff9c2020d


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  16. Electricians Frederick MD

    Great info

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  17. Jimmy Liew

    I just read the 2023 WordPress survey blog post¹ and I’m really impressed with how WordPress is seeking feedback from its community. It’s great to see that the results of this survey will influence the future direction of WordPress and help identify areas that need attention. I appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in creating this survey and I’m looking forward to seeing the results published in December. Keep up the good work, WordPress team!

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  18. nainshimishra682


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  19. mannanshoukattraders

    Nice survey

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  20. mannanshoukattraders


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  21. kitjury

    That will be a mind blowing event.

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  22. malikclassic12


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  23. ahmedmdrafi742



  24. mamesadbouh


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