New Patterns: Headers, Footers, Link in Bio, and More

The newest additions to our Pattern library include headers and footers, link-in-bio designs, and more.

Have you used Patterns on your site yet? 

These prebuilt, customizable templates combine professionally-designed blocks for specific uses like stylized quotes, contact page layouts, and product listings. But that’s just the beginning. All told, we have more than 260 Patterns you can insert into your pages and posts at the press of a button.

If you’ve never used Patterns before, they’re like any other site element: Access them by hitting the “+” button at the top left of the page or post you’re working on, then selecting the “Patterns” tab. You can also click on the “Explore” button to bring up our entire library of Patterns, organized by category. 

Think of them as sophisticated slices of web design for your posts and pages. You can drop them in as-is, or customize them to your liking. Even better, we’re adding more all the time.

Here are just a few of the most recent arrivals to the Pattern library.

Headers and Footers

One of the most common questions our Happiness Engineers hear from users is how to customize a site’s header and footer areas. One way to easily and efficiently do that? Patterns. Note: Be sure to add these patterns to your header and footer template parts, which are found in the Site Editor (Appearance → Editor). A single update or change here will apply across all pages.

Find these and more in the “Header” and “Footer” categories.

Link in Bio Patterns

We’ve added a number of stunning Patterns for your link-in-bio pages and sites. Pick one, customize as desired, add your links, and you’ve got a brand new way to let your readers know what’s new.

Explore All of Our Patterns!

Even if you don’t have a specific need in mind, take a look around the full Patterns library. Galleries, contact pages, subscribe boxes, quotes: with so many options, you’re sure to find something that adds a fresh new wrinkle to your site.

Patterns can be an incredibly useful resource for your design toolbox. Customize, experiment, and turn inspiration into eye-catching reality.

If you need help with Patterns, check out our more detailed guide

And be sure to let us know in the comments how you’ve used Patterns on your site and any ideas you have for new ones. We’re always working on more — so stay tuned!

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    I have not explored patterns yet. Thank you for the encouragement. I will go have a look at them today.

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    Could you guys do some kind of webinar for those of us who maybe started with WordPress a while d do


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    Add drop-down list, checkbox, and radio button blocks also.

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    Hello   Please i wish to cancel my upgraded and start afresh.  Thanks 

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    Can you use Patterns with FREE Themes?

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    Having created a blog some years ago and negligent in keeping it going, I am trying to log into it and start it up again but having endless problems with login and password. I am prepared to start all over again but my email remains the same. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I cant view my stats using my mobil app

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          Hey there, I can see that we have sent a reply to that support request. Are you able to go to and check that the email address for the account is correct please? If need be, we can resend that reply. 🙂


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          You sent in a request to the WordPress mobile app support team on October 6 and they replied to you on October 12. I don’t see any other support requests under your account, so check your Gmail for that response.

          Of note: the support email reply may be in one of the Gmail tabs (Social, Promotions, etc) or the Spam folder.

          Since your website is not hosted here at and the problem is with your stats on the mobile app, we’re not able to troubleshoot this issue with you. Please find and respond to the open support request you already have with the mobile support team.


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    Bring back the old reader format…unless there’s a setting I can use for the larger “info” and more photos like there used to be on the main page.

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    my app can not login , when i login through app , it always reminds me to set a password, but i had yet set my password , and i can only login through my gmail account or web page ?why

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    All these settings are provided on mobile?

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    I love using the headers on my site😍🔥

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    Patterns take too long to preview on the explore page. If there was an option to add to favorites, we could avoid getting lost among many patterns.

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    Nice 👍

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    Not like you will see this message but thanks to an email you sent I tried out patterns. The post came out nice.


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    I am familiar as I am a long time Blogger of two WordPress sites. Thanks for the New information 🙂

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    I love writing on WordPress

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