WordPress.com Has a New Home on YouTube

Join us on YouTube as we support your journey with educational content and community highlights.

The promise of the internet is nearly as big as the internet itself. With endless knowledge at your fingertips and electrifying inspiration everywhere you look, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to build your own website — your own way. 

Today, that became easier. We’re thrilled to announce the brand-new WordPress.com YouTube channel.

Whether you’re just starting out or are the seasoned pro your friends turn to, this channel is here to support all your website-building needs. Our step-by-step tutorials will have you up and running in 10 minutes — turning frustration into celebration. Follow along, find the answers you need, and become the authority in your own experience. 

And we’re not stopping at education and support. Above all, this channel will showcase you. Nothing speaks louder than our users’ success stories, and we want to share them all.

From first-time bloggers to ecommerce wizards, we’re going to bring them together to share their stories. What better way to learn than from each other?

With more than 15 years powering the open web, we’re here to support your journey: your successes, your learning experiences, and your fabulous ideas coming to life. Wherever you are on that path, we’ve got you covered.

You won’t want to miss the educational content and community highlights coming to the channel. 📺

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  1. curiousdavidredux

    Wonderful and timely news. I just recently blogged about rediscovering YouTube and how I hoped to better use it in the future as a teaching and learning tool. I can’t wait to put your channel to good use!

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  2. Prebb

    This will be great in helping me get my site to more people and understanding how the web works totally and completely for small online businesses. I am proud to be a part of WordPress clientele. Thanks for expanding to help get the visual aspect of online sources a try.

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  3. Ab

    Great new resource. Thank you!

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  4. Sylvester Van-Johnson


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  5. Sylvester Van-Johnson


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  6. Mutebi Bashir

    All I’ve been waiting for. So eager to share my story about using WordPress and how it has improved the performance of my students.

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  7. Karsten Reichart

    Looking forward to the content coming. Great to lern directly from the makers of WordPress. ☕️

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  8. susanbradleyceft

    another milestone…congrats

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  9. windowcolquhoun810

    Our tutor introduced us students to WordPress to upload our University assessments some years back. I will forever be grateful to her for doing so.
    It’s also encouraging to learn that WordPress moves with the times with its many expansions and now, with introducing and encouraging followers to launching their own YouTube sites. Bravo WordPress!

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  10. futurestarrcom

    Great resource

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  11. lsi098

    excited! thanks.

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  12. colincoles2016

    Great opportunity.

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  13. mdronyahmmed


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  14. momishah

    This will be incredible in assisting me with getting my webpage to more individuals and seeing how the web functions absolutely and totally for little web-based organizations. I’m pleased to be a piece of WordPress customer base. A debt of gratitude is in order for growing to assist with getting the visual part of online sources an attempt.

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  15. Black Dragon36

    This will be incredible

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  16. momishah

    thank you so much for this nformation.It’s likewise reassuring to discover that WordPress moves with the times with its numerous developments and presently, with acquainting and empowering supporters with sending off their own YouTube locales. Bravo WordPress!

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  17. byazedhasan

    Waiting for the Gems.

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  18. Anitha Jayaseeli

    Nice. Good effort. Thanks to open the many gates

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  19. dollysnook

    Great! I have worried that people aren’t reading blogs anymore, just as I start one! Excited for more resources and tips 🙂

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  20. Roohul Quds

    Soooooo grateful for this ♥️


  21. Mr. Rucci

    That’s great news!

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  22. Mohammadzamankhan


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  23. Ravi Sharma

    That’s great

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  24. framyrels2018


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  25. Mir Muhammad hussain Talpur

    Thanks i can grow my website more now 😌

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  26. ifeanyinicolas87

    Thanks for the info

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  27. bukolanoiki


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  28. Deborah Edwards-Oñoro (@redcrew)

    If your goal is to democratize publishing and ecommerce one website at a time, you would have added captions to your video.

    Not relied on autocaptions, which are one long sentence with no punctuation and often contain errors.

    Without captions, people who are:

    1. Deaf or hard of hearing
    2. Speak another language
    3. Comprehend written word better than spoken word
    4. Work in quiet/noisy environments

    Can’t consume your content.

    With autocaptions, you’ve created barriers to a large number of your audience.

    And your prospective audience.

    Given all your videos are scripted, it’s an extra 2 minutes for you to upload the script to YouTube and have YouTube synchronize the captions to the spoken word.

    For over 7 years, I’ve asked WordPress dot com to add captions to the videos you publish.

    Yet, you’ve never acted to do that.

    Captioned videos democratize publishing and ecommerce for everyone, which is the mission you state at the beginning of your video.

    Again I ask, why are you creating barriers for people with disabilities as well as others who can’t consume your video content?

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    • Michael LaNasa

      Hi Deborah,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Accessibility and inclusivity are very important to us as a team, a company, and definitely as a community. I know that you’ve been in touch with our support team on Twitter about this issue, and we understand the frustration and truly appreciate the feedback.

      To mirror what our support team responded with on Twitter: all videos under the channel now have non-auto English captions. Going forward, we will be releasing content with this revised approach to proper captioning.

      Again, thank you for voicing the concern and getting this feedback to us! We’re committed to learning and growing, in order to best support our WordPress.com community.

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  29. abhinavgo

    Great news

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  30. yusuphussein12

    hello my brothers i am living in Tanzania i have joined wordpress with the intention of changing my life through my musical talent but i am not sure how to use it so i can use it please come up with someone to show me how to do it so i can know how to use it Thank you.help me know how to use it.

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