Earn Money on Your WordPress.com Website with Premium Content and Paid Newsletters

Make money while you build an engaged following for your website: use the WordPress.com Premium Content block to offer monthly and yearly paid memberships that give your followers access to the premium content you designate for a predictable income stream.

Make money while you build an engaged following for your website: use the WordPress.com Premium Content block to create monthly and yearly paid memberships that give followers access to the premium content of your choice – text, photos, videos, and more. You can now automatically deliver your new premium posts right to subscribers’ inboxes as a paid newsletter!

Anything that you can publish on a WordPress.com site with a block can become part of your premium content offering. Summer recipes, podcasts, fitness instruction videos, photography portfolios, music samples, access to digital downloads, poetry, political remarks —  people on WordPress.com include all of that and more in Premium Content blocks, and they make money for sharing their expertise.

Premium Content block examples

Premium Content memberships also offer you a new way to engage your most engaged fans. Create membership tiers with different costs and content access levels. Craft targeted messaging for each one. Want to send special emails and offers or ask for suggestions about what kind of content you might create next? You control what content and messaging goes to your paying members via Premium Content blocks.

You focus on creating amazing content. We’ll handle the credit and debit card payment processing, reporting, and providing the right access for paying members to view your premium content or get your newsletters.

Launch your first membership

  • To use Premium Content blocks, you’ll need a WordPress.com website with any paid plan — Personal, Premium, Business, or eCommerce.
  • Create a new page or post, and add a Premium Content block.
  • To set up your first paid membership or subscription, create a Stripe account (if you don’t have one already). Stripe is the company we’ve partnered with to process credit and debit card payments in a safe, secure, and speedy way.
  • Set the cost of the membership and decide whether people will pay monthly or yearly. Want to offer multiple kinds of memberships with access to different kinds of content? Add separate Premium Content blocks for each one to create multiple membership options.
  • Add content that’s included with this particular membership to the Premium Content block. You’ll add content using blocks, and can add as many blocks within the Premium Content block as you like.
  • To let followers opt into receiving new premium content via email, turn on the “Posts via email” option in your paid membership plan settings. Your membership payments are processed by a WordPress.com feature called Recurring Payments, which powers seamless credit and debit card processing for the Premium Content block.

And just like that, you’re a membership organization! Share your new membership offerings with your network — social media, email, and word of mouth are all great places to start — and start building your following along with your stable, recurring revenue.

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