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On Working Remotely: An Automattic Reader

New to remote work? We’ve compiled some of the best resources Automatticians have created on the topic.

How does a distributed company — a group of people with shared business goals but spread out around the world, representing different cultures, family settings, and local health considerations — stick together during a major health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic?

We don’t intend to make it sound easy. And we are aware — from our families, our communities, the businesses we support, and our customers — that many, if not most companies cannot actually work 100 percent remotely because of the nature of their business.

For those who can transition to distributed work in the wake of this evolving crisis, we wanted to suggest ideas that might help colleagues work well together even when you’re no longer all sharing the same physical space.

We’re lucky that many Automatticians have shared advice and best practices based on their many years of working from home — and we’ve compiled some of these resources below to empower others to listen to and support their coworkers during a difficult and disruptive time.

Of course, from his first post on remote work to his most recent one reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic, to his Distributed podcast and beyond, founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg is a prominent voice on remote work and distributed culture. To send you off on a lighter note, Matt shares regular “What’s In My Bag” posts.

We hope these resources are helpful to you during these trying times, and that you and everyone in your communities stay safe.

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  1. Agung Rangga

    Stay safe everyone. ❤

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  2. guito1991

    Everybody stay home and safe during this outbreak!

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  3. jaai

    Very informative and interesting.

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  4. enebelichika1

    This is nice and helpful thanks.

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  5. melbatoastmama

    I hadn’t heard this term “distributed company” before! My company DOES have 2 corporate offices, one on each coast, but I can work remotely very easily as most of our divisions are far flung and we communicate mostly by phone and email. We utilize Box, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Docusign and VPN to access networks and manipulate/manage documents. I think the biggest challenge right now is with many of our division executives, who are accustomed to face-to-face delegation and direction. The references you gave are terrific and I hope to use them as we navigate our way through the current environment. What a great positive if we can all learn some new skills!

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  6. Lala

    Stay safe we can get through this if we all work together.😁

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  7. Metro Square

    Thank You for all useful information!

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  8. Mary Takawi

    Very interesting and beneficial, thank you!

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  9. EllieD

    Great time to share!

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  10. Mary Takawi

    Very beneficial and interesting, thank you!

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  11. Anmol Sandhu

    Very interesting and informative.

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  12. Faith Daniel

    Informative! Thanks for sharing.

    Stay safe!

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  13. albertnwanne

    Obviously, interesting, educative, and informative.

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  14. Răzvan⚡️ (@razvantugui)

    Hello everyone,

    We also have an online magazine where we interview people working remotely, including one automatician.

    Here is the URL:

    Let us know what you think!

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