WPBlockTalk: A Free Online Event Focused on the Block Editor

Join the WordPress community on April 2 for talks on the block editor, block development, and design in a world of blocks.

Ready to explore the possibilities with the block editor? WPBlockTalk is a free and live virtual event that will bring together designers, developers, and other WordPress enthusiasts from across the WordPress community.

Topics to expect:

  • Building the block editor: what it takes to develop the block editor, what features are on the roadmap, and how you can contribute
  • Developing blocks: inspiration and ideas for developing your own custom blocks
  • Designing with blocks: learn more about using blocks to make powerful and versatile layouts and templates

If you’re passionate and curious about the future of WordPress, then this April 2 event is for you!

If you’re busy that day, don’t worry — all the talks will also be published on WordPress.tv for you to watch (and re-watch) whenever you like.

In the meantime, join the WPBlockTalk email list for registration details, speaker and schedule updates, and more. We look forward to seeing you online!

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  1. George morgan

    As i’m beginner, i need to learn so many thing from beginning to pro. Thank for help.

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  2. Linda Schaub

    I went to it last April – I’m happy that I did it except for the occasional blip but the Happiness Engineers always rise to the occasion when that happens. 🙂

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  3. acquirerenglish

    i red your blog message. as a beginner.
    Your description is very useful for me.
    Would my best !

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  4. MW Cerkas

    I find the Block Editor a bit counter productive, have always been a WYSIWYG advocate, and prefer the Classic Editor hands down. Using the Block Editor changes my focus from creativity and flow to mechanics, and slows the transfer of my ideas from my brain to finished form. Please retain the Classic Editor permanently to accommodate writers like me.

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  5. @paul4innovating

    I just DISLIKE the block editor and the blatant way you are constantly pushing this

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  6. ripshaknenpinubulus

    Your discription is very useful as a beginner

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  7. searching4value

    Nice 🙂 eager to join…
    During last week’s the windows desktop app does not work at all it seems to me. And the android apps performance is abysmal (Reader is perfectly fine though).
    Will this be tackled?

    Best! Hope you all work from home!

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  8. Laurie A. Ferris

    But I hate the block editor. Still using the classic editor. It’s so much more powerful.

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  9. Laurie A. Ferris

    And why WordPress removed the email draft test feature is beyond me. Happiness Engineers, bring it back, please!

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  10. thyagu47

    I am a beginner for blogging. I do not know what a block is and what a block editor is. My understanding is this. Please correct me if I am wrong. A block is something like a building block. A block may be some matter written down and saved for use in many places. A block may also be a photograph, or a drawing, or, a sketch which can be used in any place. Blocks can be used to create a blog or a website. Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

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  11. sagemtnmom

    Looking forward to learning more so I can like block editing more than I do now.

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  12. Paloma Als

    Hi there–Could you remove yourself from the Sewcialists.org blog feed? Your posts are showing up there, but they are not relevant to the sewists coming there for sewing content. Thanks!

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    • Cheri Lucas Rowlands

      Hi Paloma — we don’t have access to that http://sewcialists.org/firehose/ feed and cannot remove ourselves. I’m not sure how it works, but it looks like the person with the username “miss.susiem” may be subscribed to the WordPress.com Blog so posts are appearing there? Again, I have no idea how that feed is populated, but may want to ask that member/user to remove us from their blog subscriptions, perhaps?

      Let me know if I’ve misunderstood, but ultimately I don’t have control over what appears on that site, which also isn’t a WordPress.com site.

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  13. happyhomelaundry


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  14. Nyla Foster

    As a beginner this sounds perfect! Thank you for the description.

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  15. @paul4innovating

    Blocks are not creative, they simply do exactly that- block natural flows. Engineers love blocks, technicians like breaking things down in blocks but for “floe” you need to UNBLOCK

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  16. Metro Square

    Thank You for all the information!

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  17. Laurie A. Ferris

    In my experience, the Block editor has been a huge roadblock in both productivity and creativity. Examples:
    1. Productivity block: I mentor a team of student bloggers. All of my tried-and-true instructions for them to create draft posts no longer make sense. It appears new users have been forced to use the block editor. And when I review their drafts, the layout is sloppy! Photo captions disappear, galleries are a hot mess, critical stage of emailing a draft us gone. So my job becomes 10 times harder when I have to clean everything up in the Classic editor. WordPress suddenly became difficult for team collaboration. Did WordPress think of this before forcing the blocks on us?
    2. Creativity block. As others have commented, Blocks have stopped the creative flow of writing, revising, moving things around to see what works best. Simple steps we rely on (save draft, preview, and tweak) now have additional steps because content is stuck in the blocks and we have to do these steps in each separate block.
    But my biggest pet peeve is the sudden removal of the “Email Draft” feature when Blocks launched. I relied heavily on this feature, as did my student bloggers. When I asked the Happiness Engineers where this crucial function went, they said it was replace with Block editor. 😢 And then they suggested we use Google Docs 🤬 for team collaboration! Which we already do for composing text, but that is NOT the same for showing how a post will look when it’s emailed to subscribers.
    WordPress was once the only place you didn’t have to rely on a Google product.

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  18. Stephenamoah

    Very useful description for beginners

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