PHP 7.4 Just Came Out, and So Did Our PHP Version Switcher

If your site is on the Business or eCommerce plan, you can switch to the newest version of PHP today.

PHP is still one of the most popular languages used to build the web. The newest version, PHP 7.4, was released today — and Business and eCommerce plan customers can opt to start using it immediately. sites run PHP 7.3 by default — it’s still our recommended version, since it’s been stress-tested across all of — but if you have a site on the Business or eCommerce plan and want to be on the leading technological edge, you can opt to switch to version 7.4 immediately.

Head to My Site > Manage > Hosting Configuration to find the new PHP Version Switcher:

Choose which version of PHP you want your site to run on, click the “Update PHP version” button, and voilà.

(Note: All sites with eCommerce plans can make the switch right now. Sites on the Business plan need to have either an active plugin or a custom theme to use the PHP Version Switcher.)

PHP’s evolved with each version 7 release, and PHP 7.4 promises to have the strongest performance yet. It will eventually power all sites, but Business and eCommerce customers can take advantage of the update today!

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  1. Panning for green

    This is cool.

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  2. jafar ali

    Thanks for updating. I’m on free plan and a casual writer. Should I switch on paid plan or continue with the same for some more time. I am blogging since September 2019.

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  3. syedayanulhaque


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  4. keviv

    Cool! 🔥🔥🔥

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  5. Watercolorheart

    When do you think it will come to the other plans?

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  6. deepanilamani

    My site is not on a Business or eCommerce plan, but for those who are it will be very useful. Still its good to know, what is new and being upgraded. Thank you for all your effort for new improvements!

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