More Stats, Better Stats, Faster Stats: A Whole New Mobile Experience

If you’re like me, Stats is one of your most-visited screens in your WordPress app — we all want to know people are reading! Whether you use iOS or Android, the latest versions have Stat updates that bring you more useful data, faster. Updates to the layout, available statistics, and how they’re handled behind the scenes mean you can hone in what’s most important to you and to your site’s growth.

What’s new?

All-new design

Stats got a facelift! The numbers are easier to read, easier to compare, and easier to track over time.

Customise your stats

Blogger who wants to keep an eye on your follower count, a business owner who wants a quick update on daily views? Insights Management lets you choose what stats to include so your at-a-glance updates include what’s most important to you. (This feature is only available on Android at the moment, and is coming soon to iOS.)

Zero in on time periods

Use the new dedicated date bar on the days, weeks, months and years tabs, to explore date ranges.

Stats at a glance

Your Insights tab is now optimised for quick updates so you can get key information about your site’s performance all on one screen.

How do I find this?

Update your app to the latest version. You can find them here, or in your Apple Store or Google Play. And that’s it! Head to Stats for any of your site for a new and improved analytics experience.

We understand how important stats are — we run websites, too! — so we’re always working to develop and improve them. We’d love to hear about your experience with the latest and greatest!

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  1. bimart1994

    I really like this post

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  2. dylangaatnaarbuiten

    Faster stats? Quite the opposite! Although I like the new design, the app has grown 10 times slower. I actually switched to using only the website for now, because of it. I am curious to know how you would say it has become faster?

    Liked by 20 people

    • James Frost

      Thanks for your feedback, and I’m sorry to hear the app isn’t as fast for you now. We’re already working on extra improvements to the new stats. Some of those improvements should be available in version 12.8, available this week, and more should be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.

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  3. theycallmetater

    I love the change! My stats are very low compared to everyone else, but I still look at them daily. This new look is much better!

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  4. Wilhelm Arcturus

    I’ve been using the updated app for a while and it actually seems to show me less data than before. Not an improvement.

    Some of the new data is unexplained. For example, the number/percentage over the current date seems to be a comparison with the previous days activity, but when I click on other days it pops up a number/percentage that doesn’t seem to relate to anything I can see. And what does the light shaded area above the current days bar indicate?

    Also, if your blog is set to run on UTC rather than local time, when midnight UTC passes the app doesn’t switch over to the next day midnight local time, so out here on the west coast the stats are wrong from 5pm until midnight.

    Still some work to be done here.

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    • James Frost

      Thanks for your feedback. The number in the top right of the chart is the performance of the selected day / week / month / year against the previous day / week / month / year, and the light area above a bar in the chart is views for that period.

      We’re also currently working on some timezone improvements, so watch this space!

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  5. kdaddy23

    Great! Now, if only you’d put back the ability to fully justify text – just askin’…

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  6. Sadia Noor

    Nice share. I have updated my app and now I can see new and dynamic look.

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  7. Jack Lhasa

    This looks great. I just wish you guys and gals could get the mobile experience a bit better for those of us on private hosts. Most plugins and themes are a nightmare to attempt to use on mobile..

    Liked by 13 people

  8. David Yusuf

    Great post
    I’m a new blogger so this explain lot

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  9. Alexanria Ortiz

    Thanks for the update!

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  10. Sylvie Mineault

    En français merci

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  11. bimart1994

    It has been good,am impressed

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  12. jeremyjames

    Not sure about updating. The stats seem good to me as they are….anybody care to share their experience with the new version?

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  13. turning20web

    That’s amazing!!

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  14. davidstewartdesigns

    Just loaded the app. Will be perfect when I am not at the desktop

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  15. acquirerenglish

    This is very important for me or for us to write my blog.
    I would like to help me to view a variety of idea or thought more.

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  16. julieharbert5158

    How come I can’t access lie Harbertcontacts content from stats..?


    Sent from my iPad

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    • James Frost

      Hi! If you’re having difficulty accessing your stats, please contact us through the help section of the app and we can take a look into it for you. Tap Me > Help and Support > Contact Us.

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  17. Chocoviv

    So true!

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  18. Shocker

    That’s so nice idea..i mean,I liked it 👌👌

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  19. Rhino Polyflex

    WordPress is great …. Keep Growing…

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  20. Eunice TJ💜

    Great poat

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  21. Vishal Rana


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  22. Arewa-writers

    Very educative article indeed!

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  23. anirudhapv

    Nice to see these features which makes easy to see the stats, as I am beginner and I will be fascinated to check the stats Everytime I post a new post on my blog. It just boosts my mood and inspiration.

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  24. alyinayat

    great article

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  25. Peculiar

    Wow! Great Info.

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  26. Cardiana.

    This article is just so helpful. Stats are a really important part for me as a newbie, keeps me going knowing somebody somewhere is keeping up with me.

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  27. Sarha khowaja

    Very informative looks great.

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  28. Maryansika. Discover

    My Stats isn’t high as it should be now. But I love to see my readers location.

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  29. MamaBearofOne

    Really helpful. Thank you!

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  30. deepanilamani

    I really like to see the new improvements. They will be very useful. Thank you very much!

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