New Theme: Twenty Nineteen

Meet Twenty Nineteen, the brand new WordPress default theme.

We’re pleased to announce that Twenty Nineteen — the new WordPress default theme designed by Allan Cole and Kjell Reigstad — is available to all sites.

Twenty Nineteen was designed with simple but sophisticated typography and a pared-down, open aesthetic, making it a great foundation for a variety of websites. It also fully supports the new WordPress Editor, which allows you to create a wide range of content for your site.

Twenty Nineteen gives your featured images a bold treatment on posts and pages: the images cover the full width and height of the screen, along with a color overlay which can be changed in the Customizer.

Learn more about WordPress’s latest default theme here, or check out the demo site!

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  1. JenT

    What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year! Thank you!

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  2. Cerita Bahasa

    I love the simplicity, but could you please provide us with more font variations?

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  3. Rita

    Will surely check soon.
    I am not comfortable with new editor in WordPress. In classic editor, changing text color, adding slideshow is way more easier.

    Liked by 24 people

    • Chris Runnells

      There is a Classic editor block so you can still have the simplicity of the original editor, while using the new features and functionality offered by the new blocks. A slideshow block is something we’re looking at adding in the future.

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      • Rita

        Thank you very much. Slideshow was a challenge to me in new editor. I searched on Google but was not able to understand it. So only difficultly faced in new editor were slideshow and changing color of few words to highlight it. Otherwise it is nice.

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  4. Tamarack Mountain Studio

    Can this be used with Storefront?

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    • Chris Runnells

      I’m not sure I fully understand your question: Storefront is a theme, just as Twenty Nineteen is a theme. As such, you can’t use two themes at the same time.

      However, if you’re asking if Twenty Nineteen will work with WooCommerce, then answer is yes! The WooCommerce team added support for Twenty Nineteen about a month ago.

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  5. Chris David Miles

    I love the twenty nineteen theme! This is the first time one of the “twenty” themes has made me want to switch themes. Especially the menu, I’d like to see more sites get away from the flat sticky top style navigation menu that’s so common.

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  6. Sven Seebeck

    Very nice! Noticed it already before the weekend. Fantastic theme. 👍🏻

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    • cjreinhart

      I have a WordPress blog which I can’t manage very well. I feel totally incompetent with WordPress but would like to get better at it and use it more fruitfully.

      Will the changes which you are suggesting be implemented to everyone’s site, including mine? I welcome any improvements and can’t comment otherwise since I know so little as it is.

      Thank you Carolyn Reinhart


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      • Chris Runnells

        Hi Carolyn! WordPress can certainly be a challenge at times, but there are tons of resources out there to help you out. I highly recommend taking a look at our support site: especially the Start, Create, and Customize sections seen below the search box on that page.

        The new editor is currently available on all sites.

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  7. Tebatjo Malaka

    It’s time to upgrade. 🤗

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  8. Cikgu Ismail Omar

    Superb! Just in the nick of time.

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  9. Samuel

    I didn’t like the theme! I think if we be able to design a custom front page for any of the wordpress themes, then the 2011 theme is the best among all these 282 themes.

    Liked by 13 people

    • Chris Runnells

      As you can imagine, making a theme that _everyone_ likes is impossible. But, you may be pleased to know that we updated the other default themes (including Twenty Eleven) to work with the new editor. Cheers!

      Liked by 8 people

      • Samuel

        thank you so much because of your response. yes it is really difficult. as I myself do coding and I am aware of it. and yes Gutenberg is great! but it need more and more tools to be armed enough to customize the front page of themes. by the way I really enjoy work with wordpress platform and I hope more and more success for the team.

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  10. jeremyjameshongkong

    All these themes are a bit of a mystery to me… If you simply blog and read other blogs on the mobile app… Then the themes don’t really change your experience right?

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  11. Mai Hải Đăng

    Your theme have a problem that really makes me sad yesterday. The mobile version have a problem with touching links while scrolling, when I scroll on my iPhone it just active Click Event when touch on links.

    I kinda sure it’s a bug, I checked your demo site here on the blog page and it have the same problem. You can go here (on mobile) and scroll and pretend to touch on a title:

    I hope you have an answer here because I love this theme.

    Liked by 7 people

  12. Greg Peterson

    In Customizer > Colors I deselected color filters (unchecked the box beside “Apply a filter to featured images using the primary color”). That worked fine for the Home view: all featured images appear as-is (no filters) for my Post excerpts; however, when I select posts, color filters obscure my featured images. That looks like a bug. Otherwise, Twenty Nineteen looks great so far. Thanks!

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  13. Joshua Evan

    Tried it a couple of days ago and while it was the closest I’ve got to a perfect theme (for me) it was lacking in the customisation options, particularly with fonts. I’ll give it a try again in the future to see if it gains some more customisation options.

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  14. Nicolina

    Yay! Love the new theme!

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  15. Tebatjo Malaka

    Is it me. But the theme works elegantly on computer and rather buggy on mobile. It takes you pages you’ve never clicked on mobile. I had to uninstall it.

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  16. candacewithstyle

    Is it free?

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  17. Jessi's Story

    Already convinced because you included such wonderful beings in the example as Taco, the good dog.

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  18. Laura Bloomsbury

    I personally do not like the theme as with so much of the Gutenberg blocks it is all too big and spacey -Gutenberg in general has too many bells and whistles at the expense of straightforward simplicity. I know many share my opinion but maybe new bloggers will adapt quicker

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  19. David Bennett

    Thanks, Chris.

    Liked by 4 people

  20. Netasha Adams

    This is awesome, I think it will best for my blog (portfolio)

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  21. kunalbansal12

    You are doing such a great work. First of all Congratulations from Kunal Bansal for your great success. Keep up with the good work.

    Liked by 8 people

  22. João de Mancelos

    I simply love Twenty Nineteen! The option to hide the title page was something that previously could only be available if you had a plugin. An option to remove automatically the underline from links would be very much welcome! Good job!

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  23. danteawriter

    Thank you!

    Liked by 8 people


    I really don’t like the 3 WordPress default themes, they display full post content on homepage.

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  25. ShankySalty

    Is it free????😕

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  26. Run.Lift.Breathe

    It looks very interesting! While I’m very happy with the current themes used on my blogs, it’s always nice seeing new themes, and I’m sure this will be perfect for someone. 🙂 Great work!

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  27. karyhma

    Love the new theme

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