Introducing Activity

A complete record of everything that happens on your site.

Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes of your site is key to engagement and security.  Who published a post? What comments need to be approved? When was a plugin activated or deactivated? What images were added to a specific page?

Now, there’s a new tab in where you can see all your site’s activity outlined in an organized, readable way: It’s called Activity, because monitoring your site should be as simple as possible.

Activity shows you a chronological list of all the changes and updates to your site. It’s useful for site owners who want to keep an eye on the big picture of their site, as well as for admins on larger sites with multiple contributors.

Activity shows you things like:

  • Published or updated posts and pages.
  • Comment submission and management activity.
  • Settings and options modifications.
  • Login attempts by registered site users.
  • Plugin installations, updates, and removals.
  • Theme switches, installations, updates, and deletions.
  • See the complete list of activities for and Jetpack sites.

Head to Activity right now, and you’ll be able to see your site’s 20 most recent changes and updates. On or Jetpack sites with a paid plan you’ll see events from the last 30 days, and if you have the Business or Professional plan respectively, you’ll see events from the last year.

All sites with a paid plan have the added ability to filter activities by type and time range so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.

To keep things scannable, sequential events of the same type are grouped in a single item — expand it to see details for all of the collected actions.

Activity is also a great place for Jetpack subscribers to investigate site downtime or bugginess. See what changes happened around the time of the issue, and use the details to focus your troubleshooting and get back up and running, fast.

You can also view your list of activities on the WordPress mobile apps.

Stay up to date on the latest theme and plugin updates

For sites with plugins and uploaded themes, keeping them up to date and knowing what was updated when are key to security and stability. Activity not only shows you all the details in one place, but lets Jetpack and Business plan subscribers update themes and plugins directly from the Activity tab.

We’re constantly striving to be better

Give Activity a try on your sites and let us know if you have any feedback — we’d love to hear it! Please leave a comment below or open an issue in our GitHub repository.

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  1. faeriefiles53

    Thanks for the information. I appreciate all you do.

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  2. Tomas

    Looks interesting. Loaded it and saw something that could maybe get a bit of attention: I made a post containing galleries of pictures loaded from an external site. I added a caption to many of them, which means each caption is listed as separate image edit. Maybe this could be grouped up the same way as the upload is (listing “12 attachments uploaded) to something like “12 attachments updated”?

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    • Filipe Varela

      Thanks for giving Activity a spin, Tomas! The scenario you mention is most certainly a great example of activities that should be grouped. We’ll add it to our list of improvements. We appreciate your feedback.

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  3. whippetwisdom

    Thank you for this, it looks very useful and yes, if the Alt text and Description entries per photograph can be grouped, that would be brilliant.

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  4. Kate

    You know what would really help? My wordpress website loading in less than 10 minutes on a fast & secure connection, so I can post a short post asap. WordPress really going from bad to worse these days – despite fast connection, I had to read your self-promoting crap and still need to wade through screens I don’t need until I can post an item which should be up within a minute after logging in.

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  5. nundinee

    Thanks 👍

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  6. Rafael Pinto

    Desde Venezuela escribe Rafael Pinto, realmente apenado con Word Press que me dio la oportunidad de expresarme libremente en su espacio, a pesar que yo no he podido pagar el mínimo costo que tiene mi blog, pero como es en dolares americanos en mi país, Venezuela, hay una situación económica critica creada por el gobierno que no permite ni siquiera comprar un dolar que en este momento que estoy escribiendo este comentario está por encima de los 25 millones de bolívares, o como hemos llaman 250 BsSoberanos, de paso no hay libre convertibilidad de divisas, todo eso no me permite cumplir con Word Press pagando mi espacio, les agradezco de nuevo me permitan seguir escribiendo para dar a conocer la realidad de mi país en el mundo de la peluquería, gracias de nuevo y estoy a su disposición para aclarar cualquier concepto y tan pronto cambien las cosas estaré pagando mi espacio en Word Press como debe ser. Rafael Pinto.- Teléfono [removed] – [email removed]

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  7. lutfiyarawat

    Thanks for this information….much appreciated

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  8. Savvy101 - Writers

    Wonderful feature and User Experience. Thank you WordPress!

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  9. jeremyjameshongkong

    Updated the tried this, it’s comprehensive for sure. Good to track what’s going on. Thank you

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  10. rummacreation

    Thanks for this information………………………. super work.well done

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  11. bewise1234

    Nice one.
    Thanks for the information.

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  12. digitalworld89

    Very much needed information is get by u.thanks for this imp post.

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  13. Samir Parajuli

    Thats really awesome..
    Visit mine too..

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  14. maritesduinog

    Just in this site, thank you so much for counting me…have a great day everyone….

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  15. nikahdestiny

    Thanks for the information

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  16. Biblicon

    Good idea, I like it. NOT `awesome’, I hate that horrible ugly word, but on the contrary very good, an excellent idea. Congratulations.

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  17. nyamwezi

    Thanks for the update and as always, for the great service:-)

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  18. insomniacafied

    Thank you so much! I personally found it so much helpful since i just started

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  19. blesspetro

    Thanks for the ideas

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  20. Cerita Bahasa

    Great! I love this feature. 🙂

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  21. Disengaged Judi

    Yet, I still cannot find a way to block the spammy blogs. I am a paid subscriber, yet I feel I have no control, despite adding countless keywords in the comment moderation queue. No. If WordPress can’t implement something as simple as a block button, I’m out. WordPress is too infiltrated with spam.

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  22. emmbrainparadox

    Hopefully it will help

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  23. amyaglow

    Thank you

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  24. daniel0831

    Thank you

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  25. amar.majhi25

    Surely helpful. Thanks for leading a cause..

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  26. ladyshevevans2gmailcom

    Happy to know! Thank you

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  27. ShankySalty

    Really superbbbbb👍

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  28. manorama garanal stor


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  29. vancemcarter1

    Really, definitely too?

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  30. Douye Olufela

    Thanks, I hope i get better ideas for contents, it’s tasking.

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  31. NRI Marriage Bureau

    Great feature

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  32. nikahdestiny

    Thanks for sharing

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  33. deepanilamani

    Thank you for letting us know of the latest theme and plug in details 🙂

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  34. wisdomforlivingblog

    Nice one there. Thumbs up

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  35. Angel Ayach

    How can I sync my site Thanks

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  36. Lillith Lette

    Love It! Thanx WordPress!

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  37. Tomas

    Just an idea I got now when I was looking back on something: in the ‘Conversations’ section of WP Reader, could we get an option to sort the posts by when -I- commented, instead of when -anyone- last commented on a post?

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