The WordPress Mobile Apps Now Support Right-to-Left Languages

No matter what language you use on your site, you should be able to publish from any device.

As part of the broader open source community, we believe in building products that people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities can use and enjoy. We strive to create software that works smoothly for English and non-English speakers alike, and today we’re happy to roll out native support for right-to-left languages in both the iOS and Android WordPress mobile apps.

Adding support for languages like Hebrew or Arabic took us longer than we expected. For the past couple of weeks, however, we worked hard to ensure that all elements in our apps are properly mirrored, easy to reach, and provide a consistent user experience that feels natural in a right-to-left orientation.

The WordPress app will automatically detect the language of your device and change the interface language accordingly. If you want the language of the app to be different from the device language, you can change it by going to Me → App Settings → Interface Language.

We hope that this update will take us a step closer to making WordPress the most inclusive and diverse platform in the world.

Share your feedback!

If you use a right-to-left language in one of our WordPress mobile apps and notice that anything is amiss, do let us know — leave a comment here and we’ll try to address the issue as quickly as possible.

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  1. labake's beauty blog

    This is really cool

    Liked by 17 people

  2. Bobby James

    Shoutout to WordPress for the consideration! I wonder were people complaining about it??

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  3. Hindumythologyexpert(talwaar)


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  4. Rachel McAlpine

    Terrific! Presenting websites that read right-to-left has been a difficult challenge for twenty years. I watched as Japanese writers chose left-to-right for the Web, and Taiwan did the same, officially. A few languages have never had that option, and now WordPress supports them.Thank you.

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  5. Amanda Riu

    Love it! 😉

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  6. Abdulrahman

    So finally i can write arabic without things go crazy! awesome job guys 😀

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  7. iosauthority13

    This is a very great and useful update.

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  8. africabookchallenge

    This is excellent news! I am very interested in making my website available to people who do not speak the same language as me.

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  9. Biblicon

    A warning when using mixed text (RTL and LTR). You may get the two languages to match in size using your browser, but another browser, especially Chrome, may mess the whole thing up by changing the font both in typeface and in relative size. (This is not such a problem with using only RTL but is with mixed text.) One solution is to take a screenshot of the Arabic or Hebrew and insert it as a PNG image. This has the following disadvantages:
    1. You cannot edit a typo or small error without doing the whole screenshotted part all again.
    2. You may not include links in the screenshot, they must be `open’.
    3. A search engine such as Bing or Google will not read text within an image. You will lose much of the publicity for the site.
    You must find a compromise, WP cannot help, the browsers are at fault..
    But for pure Arabic or Hebrew, it is a great idea of WordPress to make this available for the app as it has been for some time in the ordinary computer site. Congratulations!

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  10. Somnath

    Great move. Love the feature

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  11. echtbrood

    I miss multilingual support for reading. If I search I get only German results even if I use Dutch search terms. Even worse, if I know the name of a blog and google finds it, the WordPress app won’t. And there isn’t even a way for me to change the language.

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