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The Best of Summer Edition

This month: Tips for bloggers, a new Social Icons Widget, and Haruki Murakami’s advice to young writers.

Hi everyone! Here’s a snapshot of some of the excellent community advice, insights, and updates that we enjoyed over the past month.

What’s new

Introducing Your New Social Icons Widget

The Social Icons Widget allows you to connect your site to your favorite social media networks. You can activate it by going to My Site → CustomizeWidgets. Check out the full guide to using the new widget or just watch the video above to learn more.

An All-New Media Library for the WordPress iOS App

In May we launched a new media picker for Android iOS users, and in June, we announced a new media library in the 7.8 release of WordPress for iOS. It includes a top-level section for each site you manage. With one tap from the details menu, you can view all your media, search, edit metadata, delete items, and upload new items. How’s that for efficiency? Download the easy to use WordPress app for iOS and Android.

Designing for [X]: Visual artists

New Theme: AltoFocus

The AltoFocus theme features a tiled layout that’s designed to help visual artists showcase their talents. The grid automatically shifts to accommodate new posts, no matter the screen size. Try it out, leave a link to your AltoFocus-themed site in the comments, and tell us how well you think it shows off your best work.

In your toolbox: inspiration + insights

Blogging Made Easier: Five Tricks You Should Know

Leif Singer, part of the design and research team at, shared a few features that streamline your publishing experience, including how to easily add images to posts and respond quickly to comments. We hope these tricks help you accomplish your site and blogging goals.

101 Books to Dive Into This Summer

Illustration by Maya Sariahmed

TED Ideas (powered by VIP) compiled dozens of recommendations by TED speakers and published a summer reading list to conquer all others. Whatever your areas of interest, you’ll find something excellent on this list.

Quotables: “We are─or at least I am─equipped with this expansive mental chest of drawers. Each drawer is packed with memories, or information. There are big drawers and small ones. A few have secret compartments, where information can be hidden. When I am writing, I can open them, extract the material I need and add it to my story.” – Haruki Murakami’s Advice to Young Writers (Longreads).

Now following’s new monthly updates, which has launched with a few awesome announcements for June.

Photographer Sean Strecker’s new site,, shows off works like this photo of a winter sunset overlooking Burleigh Beach.

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That’s all for now!

What did you love about your own work in June? Comment with a link to a post you’re proud of or something new you learned about designing your site. Feeling motivated? Download the WordPress app on iOS and Android.

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    I am shocked to have learned that with we CAN have an email list working with MailChimp, we CAN have a PayPal button for selling our things, and we CAN make a landing page. The synapses are still echoing, but before long, I will jump in! How did I miss these? I’ve been using for 9 years! 😀

    Oh, and I love the new larger socmed icons! Whew!

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    Im new and i already loved it…

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    Thanks so much Mia for contacting me. I really appreciate it sincerely! Lizzie

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    Check it out:

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    Great opportumities for the veterans and beginners. Congratulations and thanks.

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  14. Steven Colborne

    I’ve been a blogger for many years, but I think I’m happier with my theme right now than I ever have been before. I’ve got my widgets along the right-hand side (Tortuga theme) and after getting feedback from friends I have adjusted the background and layout so the content really stands out 🙂

    I’m a perfectionist so always tweaking things but for the time being I’m a very satisfied customer/blogger!

    Thanks WordPress team for all your hard work, it’s a wonderful blessing to be a blogger and have access to a global audience 🙂

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    I am new here,don’t know all the features yet but yes really happy to read about new innovations in here…keep it up..!!!

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