New Theme: Lodestar

Introducing Lodestar, the perfect theme to help you create a one-page website for your small business or organization.

This Theme Thursday, I’m happy to share Lodestar, our new free theme!



Designed by Mel Choyce, Lodestar is perfect for your small business or organization’s website.

The theme allows you to create a one-page website, showcasing all your company’s information in one spot, interspersed with full-sized featured images.

Or you can use Lodestar to make a beautiful, multi-page website. The theme’s portfolio support allows you to display your past work to prospective clients. You can also post testimonials, sharing how happy past clients are with your creations.


Learn more about Lodestar by checking out the theme’s showcase.

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  1. Epic Chas Gamer

    I use that theme for SuperTechPower! It is sooooooo cool! 😎😎

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  2. JMiller/wideopenresearch

    Lodestar looks amazing! Nice work as always WordPress!

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  3. David Bennett

    Nice – How do you think this would work out with WooCommerce on a self-hosted site?

    Liked by 7 people

  4. David Bennett

    Answered it myself – I just tried this theme on a self-hosted site and it works very well – looks lovely.

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  5. Fouad

    The theme looks nice. I just hope it is responsive.

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  6. emeraldwake

    Very interesting I send my best wishes to the team Laurel

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  7. Jakob

    Very cool thank you for sharing!

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  8. Jo Smith

    Looks clean and simple!

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  9. homeomart

    Nice, look forward to many more themes for small businesses especially ones that showcases products

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  10. Zoe

    What is the best template for food blogging?

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  11. Greater Voice

    Hi! I downloaded the theme immediately and installed on one of my company sites i.e. raisinahill dot in

    However, I am not able to show social media links on the site. Pls assist.

    Thanks in advance.

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  12. Greater Voice

    Hi! I earlier struggle a bit with social media icons menu. But, by the time, any help could come, I managed to install them on one of the sites which proudly has this theme, now. Thanks for this wonderful work.

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  13. mercuriahibernica

    Nice, clean lines – I like unfussy business blogs.

    Also, missing the point here, but I want that leather folder! 🙂

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  14. ogutuvicky51

    The theme looks nice

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  15. adal2com25


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  16. John

    Hmmm very tempted to give this a whirl – it looks great!

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  17. Metro Square

    Woww, beautiful theme. I realy love your theme.

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  18. gordoned

    I’m completely new to website design and WP. I’m a real estate broker/investor looking to create a website. How do think Lodestar would be for my business. I was looking at Edin but this really caught my eye. Thanks for advice can you provide.

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  19. commissionedcom

    I think it’s cool.

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  20. JenT

    Lodestar’s social links menu has an impressive number of sites and I hope that support will be extended to our other business themes as well. Including SoundCloud and Snapchat in those links would be perfect. Well done!

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  21. deepanilamani

    Looks trendy for a business site. Thank you for sharing it with us 😊

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  22. aHorseForElinor

    Great job with a new short of different tweak. I’ve been looking for a theme that will display EVERY picture in full size, all across the screen, the way my current theme will display each “header image” for each individual post.
    Could this be the theme I’m looking for?!!!!

    I am not sure I am expressing myself clearly but would love to hear back if you think this is what I have been searching for all this time :-).

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Biblicon

    Does this theme allow normal paragraphing with indented first line and no blank line between paragraphs unless wanted?


  24. HPJ Exim Pvt Ltd

    Nice theme, but the more good thing is that it is free awesome dear.

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    Very Nice theme I like it so much!

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