Applications Open for Early ‘Landrush’ .blog Domains from Nov. 2-9

For a limited time you’ll have the chance to claim your .blog name before everyone else.

If you’ve ever had a great idea for a name for your blog or website, now’s your chance to snap it up: today marks the start of the “Landrush” phase for the all-new .blog domain names.

That means you can apply now to get early access to a .blog web address you love, before they become available for sale on November 21. Since it’s a completely new domain, there are millions of new .blog domains available.

What’s Landrush?

Landrush is a period during which you can sign up for a new domain (like ahead of everyone else. During Landrush you pay a one-time application fee on top of your recurring registration fee to be able to secure the name first.

If someone else wants the same domain name during this period, there will be an auction to determine the winner, and only the winner will pay the application fee.

Landrush only lasts one week—you’ll have to apply before November 9 to secure your domain name during this special early application phase.

You can also wait until November 21 for General Availability — that’s when all remaining domain names will go on sale at regular pricing. Starting on this date, .blog domain name registrations will be first-come, first-serve.

We’ve provided an FAQ below for more details about the process, or you can apply now at

How does the auction process work?

If someone else wants the same domain name that you’ve requested, you’ll get invited to participate in an auction for the domain name, taking place between November 14 and November 17. If you lose the auction, you’ll get your application fee back.

Can I use my .blog domain registered during Landrush here at

Absolutely! Once you’ve successfully registered your .blog domain name during Landrush you can add it to your site at My Sites > Domains You can learn more about adding a domain to your site or blog on our domain support page.

I’d like to register a .blog address but at the normal price—how can I do that?

Once General Availability starts on November 21, you’ll be able to register your .blog domain directly through, and we’ll remind you how to do that right here.

How much is the early application fee?

Application fee prices are set by each individual reseller, which is any company selling .blog domain names (and there are many). You can register a .blog domain name at and the early application fee for Landrush is $220, plus the domain’s recurring registration fee. will also refund your application fee if you don’t get the domain name you requested during Landrush or the subsequent auction. Get your domain, or get your money back!

This video from .blog explains the Landrush phase a bit more:

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  1. Doug

    Reblogged this on Doug and commented:

    Aw yea! Landrush for .blog domains is a go!

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  2. maristravels

    I’m confused. I applied earlier when the first application notice came around and also committed to the money asked. I’m not going to do this again but hope my application is still in there.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sara Rosso

      Hi @maristravels – if you already submitted an application (as a pre-application since Landrush wasn’t open yet) it will be processed at the end of this week along with all the other applications received during Landrush. I’m sure you received a confirmation that your application was received, and soon it will be processed.

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  3. thesciencegeek

    Really good news. I am amazed that this tld has only just become available
    Let’s hope that there aren’t too many cybersquatters !

    The Science Geek

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  4. robertscribbler

    OK. Just to be very clear — can you have multiple domains linked to the same blog (.com, .blog etc)?

    Liked by 2 people

  5. maristravels

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. winterwritesblog

    Hi, will I loose my blog domain name if I do not bid for it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sara Rosso

      Hi there – nothing will change with how your blog or web address is currently set up. These are completely new domains, so they aren’t replacing or taking away from what you have. During General Availability anyone is able to register any domain they are interested in (much like you can register any available .com domain now), so if you have a specific name or branding you’re wanting for yourself, it’s best to take that into consideration.

      Liked by 4 people


    where do i go to sign up. im still slightly confused on what this means but im trying to find out more info.


    • Sara Rosso

      Hi there – you can sign up during the Landrush phase (for another two days, until November 9th) at – follow the prompts to register your application and payment information. Please re-read this post about the application fee.

      If instead you’d like to wait until General Availability starts on November 21st and not pay the additional Landrush application fee, we’ll help you right here at register for the domain and will post information about that as it gets closer.

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