New Theme: Karuna

Karuna is a sleek new business theme for health and wellness-focused sites.

It’s Theme Thursday, and I’m excited to present a new free theme called Karuna!


Karuna WordPress Theme

Karuna, designed by Mel Choyce, is a clean business theme designed with health and wellness-focused sites in mind. With bright, bold colors, prominent featured images, a sleek responsive design, and support for customer testimonials, your business’ brand is sure to shine with Karuna.

Karuna, a Responsive WordPress Theme for Health and Wellness Businesses.

Want to explore Karuna? Head over to the theme’s Showcase page!

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  1. ANooP

    Is there a good theme which emphasizes both pictures and words equally? I liked the theme called Nishita (if I remember correctly). Pictures were big and every detail was visible but I had very little control over the font size in terms of making it bigger and also very little control over the background color. There are themes that go well with pics or words not both. If you have any suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear from you 🙂

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  2. singamerah

    Simple and Cool !!!

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Helene Lafleur

    Beautiful theme! Very elegant. I love the feel of it.

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  4. meerakapoorblog

    It’s actually nice.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Paul Bowler

    Nice fresh looking theme

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  6. nifunifarestaurante


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  7. simple614

    Loved it

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  8. michellewu1024blog

    Nice! Is there a tutorial for this theme?

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  9. nofiredrills

    How fun is that? Perfect for summer!

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  10. mrl1809

    It’s a very nice and vivid theme. Loved it!!!!

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  11. beaconlightglobal

    I REALLY like that!!

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  12. Alexandra Arleta Clarke

    Very charismatic with plenty of pizazz!

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  13. nvsubbaraman

    Lovely. Congrats. Thanks.

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  14. homeo care

    Nice theme. WordPress should introduce more themes around health and medicines topic. We want to move to a premium theme but are not fully satisfied with the available options currently.

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  15. Tanya Tamrakar

    Simple and elegant.. Nice

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  16. goesnick12

    great design, can I use if for travel theme??

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  17. angelydy

    Please make a girly blog theme, I’m looking for a theme that looks so girly 😭

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  18. Holdinn

    It’s a very nice!! I love it

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  19. Successmantra

    Theme name and the pose are synonymous

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  20. logancal

    I love it! I am using it on my site!

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  21. coxpractice

    I happened across this theme earlier today and have to say rather impressed. Currently use harmonic theme but tempted by this after previewing it

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  22. stepinyourgreatness

    Beautiful theme. I love it

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  23. fashionfairness

    Thank you so much.. this is really great for me! love that style and i change it!

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  24. Alex Smithson

    I’ve just switched to this theme and I absolutely love every single bit of it. Changing from Motif to Karuna was the best decision I made. Thank you WordPress ☺.

    Alex Smithson

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  25. varunsorg

    Very nice theme, will try it.

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  26. L. Richelle Murry

    Beautiful, simple, clean, and fresh… it!

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  27. perakkainge

    i like it

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  28. lead-heat

    Really good performence. It looks very NIZE !!!

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  29. Martin Nickolov (@MartinNickolov)

    Theme isn’t bad. Works awesome, not too heavy.

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