HTTPS Everywhere: Encryption for All Sites

We’re proud to support a more secure web — now for all custom domains on

Today we are excited to announce free HTTPS for all custom domains hosted on This brings the security and performance of modern encryption to every blog and website we host.

Best of all, the changes are automatic — you won’t need to do a thing.

As the EFF points out as part of their Encrypt the Web initiative, strong encryption protects our users in various ways, including defending against surveillance of content and communications, cookie theft, account hijacking, and other web security flaws. has supported encryption for sites using subdomains (like since 2014. Our latest efforts now expand encryption to the million-plus custom domains (like hosted on

The Let’s Encrypt project gave us an efficient and automated way to provide SSL certificates for a large number of domains. We launched the first batch of certificates in January 2016 and immediately started working with Let’s Encrypt to make the process smoother for our massive and growing list of domains.

For you, the users, that means you’ll see secure encryption automatically deployed on every new site within minutes. We are closing the door to un-encrypted web traffic (HTTP) at every opportunity.

Web encryption provides more than security

Protocol enhancements like SPDY and HTTP/2 have narrowed the performance gap between encrypted and un-encrypted web traffic, with encrypted HTTP/2 outperforming un-encrypted HTTP/1.1 in some cases.

Google also announced HTTPS is used as a ranking signal in search results, with HTTPS-enabled sites ranked above their plaintext counterparts.

As a site owner, keep an eye out for this feature on your custom domains. Once your site is HTTPS-enabled, you should see a green lock icon in your browser’s address bar. All plaintext HTTP requests will be automatically redirected to their encrypted counterpart (your URL will begin with https:// instead of http://). We will transparently handle all the complexities of SSL certificate management for you.

We take security seriously, and we’re proud to offer this to users. For more information about encryption, please see our support documentation.

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  1. Gama

    Thanks for the good post. Good information.

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  2. rohvannyn

    Nicely done! I like this!

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  3. donnabgoode

    After being spammed; I am glad you are taking things to the next level.

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  4. Alex Smithson

    Great move. Security is crucial in the digital world, and I can now feel more secure now you’ve announced this news. Thanks a bunch WordPress, your help is much appreciated :-).

    Alex Smithson

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  5. flowersnaturally

    Great except I haven’t been able to publish my blog for almost a month and there’s no one to tell me why. Thanks:


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  6. Kathryn Grace

    Thank you! THANK YOU! Much gratitude to every one who has been working on this. Those Firefox alerts are driving me bananas!

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  7. mythoughtlane

    Good relief to know this. Thanks WordPress.

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  8. John

    Thank you, WordPress!! 👍🏻

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  9. InFinnity

    Great! Keep up the great work you do for us…

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  10. JohnAmes

    Thanks very much for your constant attention to our needs.

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  11. Carla Doria

    This is good news!

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  12. ...the Island Girl!

    Congratulations on launching this very, VERY important part of today’s internet world! Security is a HUGE thing for me, as I am sure many others are just as concerned. Thank you! I feel better, now! SERIOUSLY! Network security was a very important job I had, once.

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    Great work. Thanks!

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  14. genearttech7

    Thank you for letting us know.

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  15. nocturnaltwins

    Awesome, thank you. 🙂

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  16. Vox Populi

    Yay! So glad to read this.

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  17. Resa

    Way to go!! I am thrilled!

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  18. Jaclyn H

    Awesome! Thanks for the information!

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  19. theblogaboutbeautifulthings

    Good job. Thank you for all you do. Security rocks.

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  20. nvsubbaraman

    Great. Thanks for your concern. We are quite secured.

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  21. Eljuno KASIH

    Glad to hear that! Awesome news. 🙂 ❤

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  22. Jean Eisenhower

    Sounds great! One question: If a site is already hacked, what will the encryption do after the fact?

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    • Barry

      Hi Jean,

      HTTPS encryption doesn’t really help you with that problem, but if you think there is a security problem with your site please contact our support team and they will help you right away.

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  23. MJ

    Cool… that’s a good news!

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  24. dw

    Another feather in the hat! Many thanks!

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  25. Klaus Jochem

    Great initiative! I really appreciate this.

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  26. Jean-Paul van Ravensberg

    I’ve requested this feature with many more WordPress Bloggers. Thank you WordPress!

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  27. dakisha

    Reblogged this on My WP and CH Experience.

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  28. poetanasciturblog

    Great move! Well done

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  29. yosh434

    This is great!

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  30. bridie83.

    Good work and thank you!

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  31. JenT

    Wow! Now that I have a better understanding of the numbers involved, just wow! Thanks, Barry and WordPressdotcom.

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  32. brainwane

    This is great and welcome news — thank you for doing this! And thanks to Let’s Encrypt for making it possible!

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  33. Avery Goodday

    Thank you very much. Great news.

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  34. dbp49

    Now that’s a change I can get behind 100%. Thank-you very much.

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  35. penpatience

    Thank you WordPress. Good news. Frances

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  36. webaregy

    Thanks WordPress 🙂

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  37. amanda60

    Thank you WordPress! I only actually restarting with you guys after a few years of intense study and this is a nice way to open. It’s nice to know you’ve got our backs!

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  38. katharinetrauger

    I am very thankful, of course, but now wonder if we must change all our links to our site, such as when we guest post elsewhere…hope not….

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  39. rushbabe49

    Barry, I can’t believe you missed the obvious pun! The changes are “automat(t)ic”! Thanks for the enhanced feature.

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  40. The Great Unwashed

    I love WordPress and recommend it to everyone I know because the people running it are constantly trying to make it a better, friendlier, electronic place. Thank you.

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  41. thesciencegeek

    Thanks for this. A great step forwards

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  42. Matthias

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, thank you! Also thanks for HTTP/2.

    Can we have HSTS, too, now that the difficult part is done? 🙂

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  43. bridgerjones

    Great news. I was just about to migrate away. Many, many thanks.

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  44. onedman

    I am so very happy about this development. As someone who puts the nose out there it’s great to know I won’t get a good sock right off the bat. Thank you so much for all you do People’s. (((HUGS)))

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  45. bythefirelight

    Love it. This is great.

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  46. Lisa Pomerantz

    This is wonderful news! Thanks WordPress. ❤

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  47. Ariél Salle

    We are informed. Thanks. ☺

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  48. Connie

    When will this go into effect? I am not clear, but it seems as if you were saying this should be done by now, but my site ( hasn’t changed at all. Is there something I need to do, or is this coming later??

    Thank you!

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    • Barry

      Hi Connie! This announcement only applies to sites hosted on It looks like your site is hosted by HostGator – you should contact them if you want HTTPS support for your site.

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  49. gsquaredstudios (@gsquaredstudios)

    That is fantastic! All of your users will greatly benefit from Https encryption and it’s awesome that you are rolling that out. This has so many benefits, such as ranking help for seo and better performance, which is also a ranking factor. Site speed has been announced as a ranking factor, so this is kind of like a double-whammy. Great job guys!

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  50. Clicky Steve

    Reblogged this on – and commented:

    Great news!

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  51. Clicky Steve

    Great news Barry!

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  52. Markus Dewerny

    Great news! Thumbs up! Thank you very much!!!

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  53. shannond

    Barry, I am trying to send an email to the address: but keep getting an error message: The server response was: The recipient address isnot a valid RFC-5321 address. l4sm39631342pfi.73 – gsmtp

    Could you provide an alternate way to get a HELP message to your support team re: Thanks.

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  54. Tina's Faerie Files

    After all the trouble I had with this issue it’s nice to know it is getting resolved.

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  55. Patrick Lumumba.

    WordPress is the best.

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  56. rberteig

    This is a welcome improvement. Now if only a few other hosters would follow suit.

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  57. newcastleflyer

    A good improvement. Now if WordPress could just add SOME more features to the templates, where you add pages, etc.

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  58. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

    What about the http address we may have up at other sites where we’ve advertised our blog/website? For instance, I have the http address in all my published books. Do I have to change the http to https? Out of curiosity, I typed in the address using the http and it went to my site. Will this continue to be redirected if someone used the http? Thank you. I like the idea of https.

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  59. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

    Reblogged this on Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel and commented:
    Hot Off the Press from WordPress. Well, this makes me feel good. 🙂

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  60. Bryant Ocampo

    Everything is automatic at Automattic… loved it…

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  61. soniamao

    unfortunately seems like this great update has led to a redirect error on my site! could you advise on how to fix it?

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    • Barry

      Hi, sorry about that. It seems to be a problem with your Cloudflare configuration. Can you please make sure that configure Cloudflare is configured to use HTTPS to connect to the origin ( If you have any questions, I would suggest asking their support team.

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