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Blogging is a great way to communicate with your customers and reach new ones. Business owner Phoebe Clare blogs at Sage and Clare, where she documents her exotic trips scouting merchandise for her online home decor store she runs with Jemma Sage. Learn how Phoebe uses her blog to share inspiration for her curated marketplace while generating visits to the Sage and Clare eCommerce website.


Write meaningful content


One of Sage and Clare’s most popular posts was a commentary on a New York Times piece about Loulou Van Damme, a designer with a beautiful home in the hills of India. It spoke to the blog’s design-savvy audience and showcased products similar to the Sage and Clare inventory.


Regardless of your industry, choose topics that offer value or entertainment to your readers. Share how-tos, industry insights, and thoughtful posts. Don’t underestimate the importance of writing an enticing post title that will draw in your reader. On Facebook and Twitter, your post title is front and center, so it’s worth refining.

Optimize your blog post

Did you know other users can discover your content through the Reader? Tagging your blog post with descriptive and on-topic tags will help new readers find your blog.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.50.35 AM

Phoebe Clare uses categories and a handful of well-chosen tags to organize her posts and help readers find Sage and Clare’s content. Be selective when you assign tags and categories to posts. Five to 15 tags (or a combination of five to 15 tags and categories) is optimum.

Promote your posts has built-in features designed for easy sharing. Just like Sage and Clare, you can use Publicize to connect your blog to your social media accounts. Next time you press publish, your post will automatically be shared through the Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts you connected.

Make it easy for any visitor to share a link to your post on their social networks, their blog, or through email by adding Sharing buttons to the end of your posts.

sage-and-clare-4 (1)

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  34. Families in Trauma

    Sorry if this is a really obvious question but you mention having between 5 – 15 tags as a maximum for optimum performance?? Why is this, and if you have more, does it damage you in any way??

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    • Andrea Zoellner

      Posts with more than 15 categories and tags are removed from the Reader, which means less eyes on your content. It’s important to use tags that are on-topic and relevant. Too many can appear spammy. Thanks for your comment and happy blogging!

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